RV storage in a private driveway near Los Angeles

Top 8 RV Storage Facilities Near Los Angeles

When it comes to storing recreational vehicles, the easiest and most convenient solution is to park the RV on your personal property. Using your own driveway or garage saves a lot of money and grants you easy access to your RV whenever you want to go out for a spin. However, self-storage isn’t always a realistic solution for various reasons, such as limited space or neighborhood rules that don’t allow parking RVs in front of the house. In those circumstances, you’ll need to start exploring paid RV storage facilities near Los Angeles for your RV.

Luckily, Neighbor has your back if you are looking for a Los Angeles RV storage space.

RV Storage Types in Los Angeles

There are three primary types of RV storage facilities near Los Angeles that are offered by Neighbor hosts. They include:

1. Indoor RV Storage

This type of storage protects your property from weather damage and is much more secure than covered or outdoor RV storage. As a result, they are usually more costly than other options.

2. Covered RV Storage

These are considered the happy medium, acting as a barrier between your RV and the sun’s rays, and they generally cost less than indoor RV storage spaces.

3. Outdoor RV Storage

Outdoor storages are usually empty spaces or lots with secure driveways or street parking. These RV storage facilities near Los Angeles are the most budget-friendly among Neighbor’s RV storage spaces.

Choose From These Eight Options for RV Storage Facilities Near Los Angeles

1. Desmond B’s $250/Month 30×12 RV Garage

Those who seek ample indoor RV storage space may want to check out Desmond B’s storage garage in Los Angeles, CA. This is a perfect space to store your RV due to its community feel, trust, and convenient location.

Why You’ll Love Desmond B’s Garage

Storing at this garage is fun and easy since you can access the facility any time of the day, provided that you make an appointment before each visit. It has a private entrance, convenient stairs, security cameras, and climate-control features. Desmond B’s space is a verified facility, and the owner is quick to respond (usually within six hours).

Storage is available at a reasonable fee, with first-timers getting 50% off if they stay for a month. This is a convenient place that will give you the satisfaction of storing your RV without worrying about its safety.

Place a reservation to get this garage’s exact location.

2. Jaime D’s $550/Month 20×10 Driveway RV Storage

This is a driveway storage space located in a safe and secure neighborhood, and it’s not far from Southern California University. This RV storage facility is conveniently located and surrounded by essential facilities such as schools, so it is an excellent place for those who want easy access to these public places.

Why You’ll Love Jaime D’s 20×10 RV Driveway

The main aim of Jaime D is to provide high customer satisfaction and a great experience during storage. Although the storage space is outdoor and uncovered, the safety and security of your property are enhanced by the fact that it is in a private area. The owner permits daily access during daytime hours with prior appointments.

In addition, the 10 feet wide and 20 feet long RV storage space can accommodate both car and boat storage.

3. Juan T’s $400/Month 20×10 Garage RV Storage

This is an indoor storage space with a connected driveway and a private entrance. The facility is centrally located and conveniently placed for easy access to roads and other amenities. It is a great choice for those looking to rent an indoor space for RVs, household items, boats, and cars.

Why You’ll Love Juan T’s 20×10 Garage Storage

The storage space is indoors and is in a safe and secure neighborhood. Cars, boats, RVs, and items are all allowed, and the 24/7 daily access also makes it easy to use. As part of its security measures, you have to place an appointment before each visit.

4. Marco’s $199/Month 30×10 Driveway RV Storage

Marco’s driveway is a great RV storage space in a quiet and clean environment. The location allows you to experience state parks, national forests, mountains, and the coast at your convenience, which not all storage facilities near Los Angeles offer.

Why You’ll Love This 30×10 Driveway RV Storage Option

Marco L’s 10×30 RV storage space provides strict security with gated entry and 24/7 surveillance. The driveway is located in a private area, and it is extra-wide, reliable, and convenient. It is safe within a trustworthy neighborhood, making it perfect for storing your RV.

5. Criselda’s $200/Month 20×10 RV Parking Lot Storage

Those who want to rent a storage space for their RVs near the Coliseum will want to look at this storage facility. The space is vast, with two parking lot spaces for rent at affordable fees. In addition, first-time customers receive 50% off on the first month’s cost when they stay longer than one month. Apart from the Coliseum, the facility is also located within walking distance of the Bank of California Stadium.

Why You’ll Love Criselda’s $200/Month 20×10 RV Parking Lot Storage

This parking lot is a great place to park your RV when you attend an event for a couple of days and don’t want to spend money paying daily stadium parking fees. The property has a secured, locked gate to protect your RV. USC staff or students have a significant advantage as the parking space is just 25 minutes away on foot.

6. Grigor’s $185/Month 20×10 Garage RV Storage

Grigor’s garage is a private storage space suitable for cars, boats, items, and RVs. It is conveniently located in Downtown Los Angeles, with a host of other various public destinations just a few minutes away. The facility is privately owned, so you’ll enjoy the quiet and calmness of the environment.

Why You’ll Love Grigor’s RV Storage Garage

Grigor’s RV storage garage is a great place for indoor storage of your RV in Los Angeles. The space is adequate for RVs, cars, items, and boats. It is gated and covered with 24-hour surveillance for security, friendly staff, and easy communication. Also, 24/7 access to your stored vehicle is available.

7. Arianna’s $350/Month 20×10 Parking Lot

Parking your RV around Downtown Los Angeles should no longer be stressful when Arianna’s parking lot is available. The garage space has enough room for your property and has useful features. You can explore plenty of state park areas and several other popular destinations when you store your RV at Arianna’s.

Why You’ll Love Arianna’s 20×10 RV Storage

This indoor storage space has top-notch security measures with smoke detectors, a locked area, and a full-time surveillance camera, making it a safe and secure place to store your RV for as long as the agreement states. The garage has a separate entrance to limit contact. It is an access-controlled space and offers protection from weather damage. It is a great place to consider when looking for RV storage facilities near Los Angeles and in DTLA, specifically.

8. Dannyboy’s $210/Month 20×11 RV Storage

If you want to store your RV at a privately owned family facility that operates with extraordinary security measures, there is no need to look further. This property is away from the main streets and offers safe outdoor RV storage space. Access is easy and convenient with reasonable storage rates.

Why You’ll Love Dannyboy’s $210/Month 20×11 RV Storage

This storage space grants easy access to freeways and numerous other state park destinations. It can easily store a compact vehicle. Also, the space offers plenty of security, with locked gates, dogs, and security cameras that monitor the back and front spaces of the property. Access is 24/7 daily with prior reservations.

Neighbor Storage Has Your Back When It Comes to RV Storage Facilities Near Los Angeles

RV being stored in secure street parking near Los Angeles

Whether you are looking for an indoor, covered, or outdoor storage space to securely store your RV, you now have numerous RV storage facilities near Los Angeles to choose from. The locations also vary, with some facilities in rural areas and others in urban areas. Similarly, the prices differ depending on several factors, including the type of storage space chosen. So you have plenty of options as you decide which storage facility suits your needs best.

Neighbor Storage has always got you covered whenever you want to rent a property or space near you. You can always check our website for the best rentable property deals.

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