Utah ATV Trails: 14 Awesome Trails You Can’t Miss

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Utah ATV Trails: 14 Awesome Trails You Can’t Miss

When you hear “outdoor adventure”, you think of surfing the Californian waves, skiing the slopes of Colorado, or hiking the forests of New York. But do you ever think Utah? Actually, you’d be surprised at the opportunities for high adventure in the Beehive state. With mountain ranges, lakes, and even desert, Utah is one of the most beautiful states and perfect for becoming one with nature.

Check out Utah’s lakes for houseboating, tubing, wakeboarding and more.  Hit up the ski slopes during the winter and do some gorgeous hikes during the summer.  Explore the many canyons in Southern Utah and go trail riding by dirt bike or 4-wheeler. Read below for a look at the 14 best Utah ATV trails and what kinds of ATVs are out there, so you can find your perfect Utah ATV adventure.


ATV Trails In Utah

Utah ATV Trails - Neighbor

#1  Skyline Drive Trail (Arapeen OHV Trail System)

Located about 2 hours south of Salt Lake in Sanpete County, the Arapeen trail system is made up of hundreds of trails that range in difficulty and scenery. The most famous trail is the Skyline Drive trail, a path that follows a mountain top and leads to a gorgeous summit. Talk about dreamy. The trail is open from late summer to late fall.


#2 Pine Lake Trail

Located near Panguitch, Utah, the Pine Lake Trail is a scenic loop that winds through the national forest with many lookout points to stop at. It is recommended to park and camp at the Pine Lake campground, which has a trail that directly leads to the ATV trail. There is parking right outside the campground for your OHVs. There is a $15 fee for the campsite and additional fees for added vehicles.

#3 White Wash Sand Dunes 

Located in Moab, Utah, the White Wash Sand Dunes are one of the many ATV riding sites Moab has to offer. Zoom past cottonwood trees and race beside red cliffs found to the east of the dunes. There are also many miles of dirt roads nearby for more riding.

  • Difficulty Rating: Medium
  • Mileage: Open area for riding
  • Path Type: Open area
  • Elevation: 4,000 ft.- 4,400 ft.
  • Transportation: Click the links for directions from Provo, Draper, Salt Lake, or Ogden
  • Nearby Campgrounds: There is open camping at Dunes but no services. Services are offered at Green River State Park camping.
  • Nearby Hiking Trails: Moab hiking
  • Nearby Restaurants: Tamarisk burgers and La Pasadita mexican food

#4 Silver Lake Flat (American Fork Canyon)

Located 25 minutes north of Provo near American Fork, Utah, the canyon has hundreds of trails weaving through thick forests with breathtaking views. Be careful of the drop-offs and cliff edges as you weave through the scenery in this canyon. Silver Lake Flat follows mountain streams as you ride through the forest. There are two minor trails that make up Silver Lake Flat: the Milkmaid Trail and the Major Evans Trail, with the latter being more difficult with its switchbacks and steep inclines.

#5 Yankee Meadows Trail (Bryce Canyon)

Located in Southern Utah, the Bryce Canyon National Park area is a beautiful place for hiking and exploring. The park itself does not allow ATV rides, but the backwoods trails definitely make up for that. The Yankee Meadows Trail has some shallow water crossings and even passes along the lake. If you really want to enjoy the canyon and see some of its best sights, look up Ruby’s Guided Tours to schedule a ride around. Tours run from the end of March through October.

#6 Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Located near Nephi, Utah, these dunes make a great place for exploring and testing out ATV maneuvers. If you are looking to learn to ride an ATV, this is the place for you! If you are already an experienced rider, use the dunes and drops to practice old tricks and come up with some new ones.

#7 Arch Canyon and Combs Wash

Located near Blanding, Utah, this canyon offers hundreds of trails to explore that range in difficulty, making it a fun outing for any type of ATV rider. There are even a couple black diamond (advanced) trails, but for the most part, there are beginner trails that cater to relaxed trail-lookers.

#8 Black Dragon ATV Trail

Located near Green River, Utah in the San Rafael Swell, this dreamy sand wash trail weaves through a narrow canyon. It is moderately difficult, so be prepared for some rugged terrain. Make sure to keep an eye out for the beautiful pictographs that decorate the canyon walls. It is open year round but aim for spring or fall to get the best ride.

#9 Diamond Fork

Located near Spanish Fork, Utah, Diamond Fork has several singletrack trails of varying intensity. The scenic trails wind through trees and up to Strawberry Ridge. There is plenty of parking available, and you will love the beautiful climate.

#10 Hole in the Rock Trail

Located near Hall’s Crossing, this historic trail that will take you back to the old pioneer days. It is open to jeeps and motorbikes along with ATVs so bring a group and make a trip out of it. There are lots of campsites along the well-marked trail, and you will love the slickrock and sand washes. You can take a ferry to get to the trailhead more easily.

#11 Doc’s Beach

Located near Vernal, Utah, Doc’s Beach may not be the greenest ride, but you will get to enjoy a variety of trail types. Try your hand at the sand washes, or go for the hillclimbs. You will be in awe the beautiful canyon view and the sight of the Utah mountains. Bring a camera along with your helmet for this one.

#12 Jordan River OHV Park

Located near Salt Lake City, Utah, this is a recreation park designated specifically for off-road vehicles. There are four tracks with two assigned tracks for motocross, one for motorcycles, and one for ATVs. Really get into the grind here with turf and tracks specially designed for off-road speeding. There are some off-road trails available as well.

#13 Murdock Basin

Located near Heber City, Utah, Murdock Basin is full of long loops and hard-packed trails perfect for ATVs. Enjoy a nice ride with beautiful mountain scenery and lake views. The trails are typically open from June through October.

#14 Poison Spider Mesa

Located in Moab, this is a trail for more experienced ATV riders. If you like steep climbs and switchbacks, you will be sure to enjoy the ride Poison Spider Mesa gives you past beautiful Navajo sandstone. Ride this trail if you are looking for something more challenging.


How to Maintain an ATV

Just like any other vehicle, an ATV needs a little tender love and maintenance so it can stay at peak function. Maintaining your ATV is very similar to maintaining a car. You have to frequently check and change the oil, check out the air filter, look for damage on the nuts and bolts, maintain correct tire pressure, and ensure the handlebar grips are fastened. Just follow these simple rules to keep your ATV running like it’s brand-new.

  1. Check/Change the Oil. Like all other vehicles, ATVs need a periodic check-up. The nice thing is that ATVs deal with a lot less oil than any other vehicle. Follow your owner’s manual to find out what oil and how much is best for your ATV, and make your periodic check-ups.
  2. Review the Air Filter. Every so often it is recommended to check, clean, and eventually replace your old air filter. This will keep the air clean and flowing, and help you avoid bugs trying to nest in your air filter for winter.
  3. Check over the Nuts and Bolts. This one is big for damage prevention. In transit or during heavy use, it is very easy for nuts and bolts to come loose on an ATV. This could result in the damage of parts, so do yourself a favor and go over the nuts and bolts before each ride; it could save you a lot.
  4. Maintain Tire Pressure. Even a slightly flat tire on an ATV makes a world of difference as you ride. Keep on top of your tire pressure with a pressure gauge, and try to keep a portable tire pump handy so you can keep your tires at optimal inflation levels.
  5. Review and Re-glue the Handlebar Grips. Especially after long strings of rough riding, it’s easy for your handlebars to come loose. Keep some handlebar glue on hand, and make sure your grip is tight before each ride. This will give you good control while driving and keep your ATV looking like you just bought it.


Types of ATVs

ATVs come in all shapes and sizes, varying in engines and purpose. Decide how you will want to use your ATV and buy accordingly because not all ATVs are the same. Here are some common types of ATVs and details about them so you can make an informed purchase.

  • Youth ATVs– These are designed for children or young teens with a smaller engine that ranges from 50cc to 125cc. They usually have an automatic engine stop upon falling, so you won’t be dragged with the vehicle. Youth ATVs also often have weight limits, being a children’s model and usually are one-seaters. Prices vary between $600 to $3000.
  • Utility ATVs– This is the most popular ATV model and is often used for work purposes. With an engine that ranges from 250cc to 700cc, this ATV is mostly used by agricultural/land owners and workers as well as hunters. It is perfect for tackling tough terrain, even with heavy loads. These ATVs see a lot of recreational use as well thanks to these features. A new utility ATV will cost around $10,000+ but you could find a used one for around $7,500.
  • Sport ATVs– Like their name implies, these ATVs are for racing around, doing tricks, etc. The model is designed to be much lighter than a utility ATV, with lots of suspension for jumps and tight turns. The engine ranges from 250cc to 700cc, and is yours for accessorizing and amping however you would like. Sport ATVs are the type of ATVs used in races and extreme sports. Prices range from $3,500 for used to $10,000 for new.


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Good luck out on the trails and happy riding!

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