Reserving Neighbor Storage Units

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Reserving Neighbor Storage Units

Did you know that the hardest part about figuring out storage solutions is finding an open unit? Traditional storage units are at 93% capacity on average. This means if you find a company you like and that fits within your price range, chances are they don’t have the size unit you need. This is a tough situation in which to find yourself, especially if you need last minute storage. Many people end up compromising on price, length of contract, or location.


Neighbor Storage vs Traditional Self Storage

Neighbor works with members of the community to find more available places for renters to store their belongings. We are constantly adding more hosts to our marketplace and have new spaces to be filled. Traditional storage facilities have a fixed number of units they are able to rent out; if they are out of space they can’t help you with your storage needs. Many storage companies also want you to make a reservation the same week you plan on moving in or they will put you on a waiting list for a unit to open up. Sometimes it can take months for these units to open up. Plus, paying the price of reserving a unit could cost the same amount as a month’s rent without the use of the unit until much later.

Neighbor has a different train of thought. We believe that you should be able to reserve a space weeks in advance and we also believe that you should get a full refund if you cancel your reservation even one week in advance of moving in. Other companies will keep the money from a reservation or a portion of prepayments for cancelling a contract early.

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Customer Reviews

This is what one of our customers had to say about us (no joke): “Guys, I wish I could give them more stars! This company is so awesome! My husband and I were going to be gone for the summer and we only had a few days to find a place for storage. They worked quickly, were completely attentive to our needs and proved to be cheaper than any other place around. I thought it might be weird using someone else’s extra space but it wasn’t at all, I was confident that our belongings were safe. I highly recommend this company!”

This renter was able to find storage quickly and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional storage unit. We believe in being fair to our neighbors and helping out in times of need.

At Neighbor, we know how hard it is to find good, trustworthy storage, and especially finding that help in a pinch. Unlike our competitors, Neighbor is constantly opening up new storage listings and we always have space available for everything you could possibly need from a place to park your RV, to space to leave your boxes in a move between homes, to business storage. Search for a variety of listings near you today. Don’t wait to find your next storage solution.


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