Person tightening ratchet straps around a bike and furniture

How to Use Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps, also known as tie-down straps, make cargo control in a truck bed or other large vehicle much easier. They’re one of the best tools in your arsenal …

The Neighbor Next 25: The 25 Most Up-and-Coming Cities in America

The Neighbor Next 25: The 25 Most Up-and-Coming Cities in America

There are a lot of sites that will tell you which U.S. cities are the best places to live right now.

But we wanted to go a step further than that. We wanted to get ahead of the curve.

We didn’t want to know the 25 best cities to live in right now. We wanted to know the Next 25.

Man opening a home gun safe with a rifle in it

How to Move a Gun Safe

Many homeowners have wondered how to move a gun safe as part of their DIY moving checklist. While tiny portable safes designed for a single handgun are easy to handle, …

How to Be a Good Neighbor

How to Be a Good Neighbor (Even During a Pandemic)

One thing that’s made it tougher to be a good neighbor recently is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While good neighbors watch each other’s kids and invite each other to parties and events, those are things no one should be doing right now — in fact, they could put your neighbors at risk, which is the opposite of being a good neighbor.

So, for as long as the pandemic continues (and as it finally comes to an end), consider these neighborly actions.