Man de-winterizing a boat with fresh coat of paint

How to De-Winterize a Boat

Most boat owners  are aware of the need for winterizing a boat for storage during the colder months when boating season has ended. So when the weather begins to …

Spring Home Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide

Spring Home Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide

The birds are chirping and the sun is shining, and homeowners know what that means: It’s spring home maintenance time!

Spring is the perfect time to do some of the jobs and tasks that will keep your home well-maintained, and whether you’re a new homeowner or a veteran at spring cleaning, this guide will help you get everything done.

Read on to learn all about spring home maintenance: Why it’s so important, some expert tips, and our Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Checklist, which will help you get every task wrapped up before summer is here. …

Homeowner cleaning out the firebox

How to Clean a Chimney Yourself

If you own a home with a wood-burning fireplace, then knowing how to clean a chimney is critical. Chimney fires can cause catastrophic damage to your home. For some …