Buying an ATV

Buying an ATV

Thinking about buying an ATV? Read our ultimate buyers’ guide first to make sure you get the right ATV for your needs — at the right price.

Moving to Utah: A Guide to The Beehive State

If you’re considering moving to Utah, you’re certainly not alone.

Between 2010 and 2020, the Beehive State’s population increased by 17.6 percent, more than any other state in the nation. In 2020, Utah saw 25,256 out-of-state move-ins, a near record year for the state’s growth.

It’s clear that the secret is out: Utah is a great place to live, and people from all over the United States are taking notice and packing up to relocate there.

Before you pack your bags though, read this guide. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about moving to Utah — including some things about the state you may not have considered yet.

Camping gear like hiking boots, a backpack, and a thermos

The Ultimate Camping Storage Guide

Camping is a great way to take advantage of the benefits of outdoor time and spend time with friends and family. But living outdoors requires a considerable amount of …

83% of Sharing Economy App Users Feel More Connected to their Communities

Report: 83% of Sharing Economy App Users Feel More Connected to their Communities

The “sharing economy” as we recognize it today started to grow and take hold during the Great Recession. Any time you use a peer-to-peer technology platform to acquire, provide, or share goods or services, you’re taking part in the sharing economy. In less techy speak, that means apps like Instacart, Lyft, and Rover — technology that you use to connect with others for the purpose of sharing skills, goods, and services.

The sharing economy has been criticized, especially recently, for its lack of regulation and sometimes unfair labor practices. Much of that criticism is valid, but we don’t see it as a reason to write off the entire sharing economy — instead, we see it as an imperfect system that has the capacity to create a lot of good. In particular, it seems like these apps have the ability to connect people in new ways — we think “sharing community” might even be a more accurate name.

To that end, we surveyed 1,000 Americans about how they use sharing economy apps, their feelings about apps versus traditional services, and how these apps have affected their local economies, personal relationships, and more.