Friends having fun next to one of the top RVs for 2022

Top 10 RVs for 2022

Everyone seems to own an RV in the US right now — not that anyone blames them. Life in an RV is exciting and a new adventure each day. …

Moving to Los Angeles: Everything You Need to Know

Moving to Los Angeles: Everything You Need to Know

Each year, Los Angeles welcomes 50 million visitors — and not all of them are just on sunny vacation. On both the 2010 and 2020 censuses, Los Angeles city and county grew their populations, showing Southern California is a popular place that lots of people are interested in calling home.

There are so many reasons to consider moving to Los Angeles: The area’s many colleges and universities, its booming industries, the fantastic weather, or to pursue a dream of working in the entertainment industry, which has its unofficial world headquarters in LA.

But when moving to California, there’s much to consider. Read on for the ultimate guide to moving to Los Angeles. …