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Moving to St. George, UT: A Neighbor Moving Guide

So you’re thinking about moving to St. George, Utah? Don’t worry, we get it! St. George is the red rock city, has hundreds of bike trails and hiking trails, and is hot in the summer and not to bad in the winter. However, You don’t just move to a new city now—your moving to a new neighborhood and this guide will give you everything you need to know before moving into St. George.

It can be scary and unnerving especially when you need affordable self storage in St. George. Whether you are young or old, adventurous or conservative, rich or poor, don’t leave it to chance to find your next great home. With close to twenty-thousand incorporated cities in the United States bringing so many diverse opportunities and possibilities, it can be hard to settle on just one. This Neighbor St. George Moving guide will highlight the pros and cons of each area so you can focus on finding your tribe and making a solid life for yourself.

St. George city logo

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I. Moving to St. George: Overview

St. George is a thriving city with a population of 82,315 and over 26,939 households. There are 60,502 residents over the the age of 18. The Median Age is 34 and the average family size is 3.1. The population is 49% Male and 51% Female, and 66% of the population is married. The community is made up of 21 different neighborhoods covering 64.4 square miles at an Altitude of 2,860 ft ASL. The average temperature is 89 degrees in the Summer and 40 degrees in the Winter. St. George is home to over 190 restaurants, several shopping areas, and many other fun things to do. The city’s warm climate and close proximity to Las Vegas, Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon make St. George a popular place for retirees and young people alike.

Personal Experiences From People Living in St. George

Neighbor has partnered with Lifey (Selfie + Life Story = Lifey) to give you the grass roots information on St. George, Utah. Lifey has compiled hundreds of personal experiences, tips and tricks, favorite things, least favorite things, random facts, and much more. Read about it all in Lifey’s Guide to St. George. Give St. George your stamp of approval here.

II. Neighborhoods in St. George

Moving to a new city has its advantages because you can pick which neighborhood you live in and what type of people you want to associate with. Smaller towns and cities lack what St. George provides. Below is a list of all the neighborhoods located in St. George along with a description of the area, local statistics, and its location in relation to other larger surrounding cities.

  • Stone Cliff – This prestigious gated community features high-end homes, vivid views and large lots.
  • Entrada – Located next to Dixie Downs and Snow Canyon, Entrada is one of the richest areas in St. George with charming Pueblo-style homes.
  • Foremaster – This neighborhood is situated on top of a ridge and offers miles of scenic views.
  • Bloomington Ranches – Tucked between the freeway and the virgin river, the Bloomington Ranches area is known for large lots and animal property rights.
  • Tonaquint Terrace – This small community reached peak development just over a decade ago. The area covered by Tonaquint Terrace extends up the hill next to Bloomington.
  • Little Valley – This suburb is full of large newer homes and is a short drive from the city.
  • Sunbrook – The Sunbrook community has newer home developments and a top-rated golf club.
  • Snow Canyon – Named for the nearby Snow Canyon State Park, this neighborhood encompasses houses dotting the base of the red cliffs along Snow Canyon State Pkwy.
  • Winchester Hills – The sandstone and red cliffs comprising the landscape of this Greater St. George area give a rural charm to the neighborhood.
  • Bloomington Hills – This neighborhood is split into two main areas, Bloomington Hills North along the St. George golf course and Bloomington Hills South near Brigham Rd.
  • The Ledges – With close proximity to the city, but still being considered part of the Greater St. George area, The Ledges has a nice balance of convenience and small-town living.
  • Hidden Valley – The Ivory homes and new developments that make up Hidden Valley are nestled along Brigham Rd near Desert Hills and Bloomington Hills.
  • SunRiver – This retirement community along Sun River Pkwy really does have all the bells and whistles.
  • Desert Hills – Desert Hills is known for its proximity to hiking and outdoor activities and highly reputable schools.
  • Bloomington – This neighborhood is old and established, nestled against a country club and the virgin river.
  • Green Valley – Considered part of Greater St. George, Green Valley is way out west with some nearby restaurants and shopping areas.
  • Dixie Downs – Running from Dixie Downs Rd/St to Snow Canyon Parkway, this neighborhood is a lower income area with plenty of shopping and parks.
  • Downtown – Historic Downtown St. George is enclosed by St. George Blvd, Bluff St and I-15. This area is a great place to go shopping or grab a bite to eat.
  • Red Cliffs – The Red Cliffs area is close to several shopping centers, restaurants and more.
  • Southgate – This golf course neighborhood lies west of the freeway along the virgin river and has great views of Downtown.
  • Middleton – The middle-class neighborhood of Middleton stretches west from I-15 and includes some new developments on the red cliffs.

Some of the most popular attractions in St. George are Dixie State University, nearby Las Vegas, and the city’s close proximity to various state and national parks. There are shops, theaters, restaurants, plays, and then there is all of Zion National Park that is less than an hour drive from anywhere in St. George.

Just east of St. George lies Sand Hollow State Park, providing anyone love for boating or fishing access to the natural beauty and recreational opportunities available. St. George is a very beautiful city and has many differing attractions with the mountains, lakes, reservoirs, resorts, national parks, desert, and shopping within reach of you in only a matter of minutes!

St. George Map

St. George city map

III. St. George Crime Rates

Need I say more? You need to know what is going on within your chosen neighborhood. You don’t want any drunken surprises, drug busts, or robberies happening in your neighborhood. Thankfully for you, St. George is known for being a safe and secure neighborhood.

St. George received a crime rate of 170.9 which is astoundingly lower than the US average of 280.5. Within 2016 there were 0 murders, 54 rapes, 14 robberies, 92 assaults, 350 burglaries, 995 thefts, 120 auto thefts, and 5 arson attempts. This is considerably lower than, for example, Chicago which had 765 murders, 1,568 rapes, and 12,000 robberies in 2016. Compared to those numbers, St. George seems like a pretty nice place to live!

There are also many opportunities to volunteer and join a service organization within St. George. These organizations provide support and encouragement to those residents who need it the most.

Service Organizations:

  • Homes for Hearts Foundation
  • Akha Women’s Foundation
  • The Saint George Charity Fund
  • RRCI: Empowering people with disabilities
  • The Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic of St. George
  • Friends of Switchpoint

Other Volunteer Resources:

IV. St. George Schools & Stats

If you have children then this is probably one of the most important thing you should be thinking about. Where are your kids going to go to school? How good is the school when compared to the others in the area? Does the school specialize in a certain subject, and will your children enjoy that? These are all serious questions that need answered. You can view the full list of preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools on the Washington County School District’s website.

  • 12 Local Elementary Schools
  • 5 Local Junior High / Middle Schools
  • 5 Local High Schools
  • 3 Accredited Colleges

Since there are so many schools to report on, feel free to visit the links above for all their information, but we’ve broken down the interesting stats on the five high schools in the St. George area so you can make an informed decision on where you want to live if you have high schoolers. For more in-depth information, visit the Washington County School District website and compare the below Utah state assessments.

Desert Hills High SchoolDesert Hills high logo

Since opening its doors in 2008, Desert Hills High has become ranked #7 for best high schools in Utah. The faculty and staff are committed to focus on students and student learning, improve student achievement, apply learning to real life and post-high school success, and get parents involved.

  • Actual Enrollment 2018: 1,424 students
  • Graduation Rate for 2017: 97%
  • Student-Teacher Ratio for 2017: 21 students/1 teacher
  • Average Cost for Student Lunch in 2017: $2.20
  • School Subject % Proficiency for 2017: 52.2% Language Arts / 50.6% Mathematics / 51.9% Science
  • Average ACT score: 21.0 Composite / 20.1 English / 21.7 Reading / 21.0 Math / 21.5 Science

Dixie High SchoolDixie high school logo

Dixie High is a school full of heritage and history. The school mission is to “develop capable, caring, and contributing citizens who exemplify the school’s historic motto:  ‘Pace deo a posse ad esse’ – from possibility to reality.”

  • Actual Enrollment 2018: 831 students
  • Graduation Rate for 2017: 93%
  • Student-Teacher Ratio for 2017: 21 students/1 teacher
  • Average Cost for Student Lunch in 2017: $2.20
  • School Subject % Proficiency for 2017: 45.4% Language Arts / 37.8% Mathematics / 50.0% Science
  • Average ACT score: 18.8 Composite / 20.8 English / 22.4 Math / 21.9 Reading / 21.5 Science

Millcreek High School

Millcreek High has the mission of educating and supporting the whole student. This small school seeks to make each student a lifelong learner, responsible citizen, effective communicator, and employable individual.

  • Actual Enrollment 2018: 272 students
  • Graduation Rate: 61%
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 21 students/1 teacher
  • Average Cost for Student Lunch: $2.20
  • School Subject % Proficiency: 20% Language Arts / 19% Mathematics / 10% Science
  • Average ACT score: 15.4 Composite / 14.4 English / 16.1 Reading / 15.1 Math / 15.4 Science

Pine View High SchoolPine View high school logo

Pine View High originally split off from Dixie High in the 80s. The school has grown to accommodate over 1,000 students with various programs to promote student achievement. The school’s motto is, “Every student a success.”

  • Actual Enrollment 2018: 1,149 students
  • Graduation Rate: 92%
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 21 students/1 teacher
  • Average Cost for Student Lunch: $2.20
  • School Subject % Proficiency: 47.6% Language Arts / 36.7% Mathematics / 44.3% Science
  • Average ACT score: 19.8 Composite / 19.1 English / 21.1 Reading / 19.1 Math / 20.4 Science

Snow Canyon High SchoolSnow Canyon high school logo

The mission of Snow Canyon High is, “to establish a collaborative learning community in which students acquire essential knowledge, skills, and character to become independent life-long learners and contributors to their world community.” The school desires to teach students critical thinking skills, social responsibility, effective communication, and productivity.

  • Actual Enrollment 2018: 1,096 students
  • Graduation Rate: 95%
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 21 students/1 teacher
  • Average Cost for Student Lunch: $2.20
  • School Subject % Proficiency: 43.2% Language Arts / 31.1% Mathematics / 43.5% Science
  • Average ACT score: 20.7 Composite / 20.2 English / 21.5 Reading / 19.1 Math / 20.4 Science

V. Homes for Sale in St. George

Moving to a new state, city, or neighborhood is a perfect time to consider buying a home. It’s a new start and would completely establish you in the area and with your neighbors. However, there are a few things you should consider other than the color of the cabinets, how plush the carpet is, or the bedroom count. Consider which neighborhoods are going to be growing, where the shopping malls are, where landmarks are located, and how old the house is. All these things directly affect home valuations. You want to buy a home that will continue to appreciate in value so you can sell if for a profit when you decide to move again later in life.

Check out Zillow’s Home Buying Guide to get help figuring out everything you need to know through a step-by-step process to buy a home. The estimated average home price or condo value in St. George is currently $279,400 for a medium home with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We’ve compiled a list of calculators to help you purchase a home in St. George and figure out how much you can afford when it comes to mortgages, refinancing, and affordability of homes you are looking at.

Home Buying Calculators:

VI. Apartments in St. George

Renting an apartment is almost as stressful as entering into a new relationship. You have to search for the perfect match, with the right amenities, price, location, features, and above all, the other tenants and your landlord have to be on point. You’ll be living in a neighborhood within a neighborhood—a community that functions within society as a whole, and you want to be in the best position possible. You need a landlord who fits your personality type so you don’t clash over trivial things. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few resources to help make the process seamless and easy.

VII. St. George Cost of Living

Find out from the locals how much groceries are, average rent/mortgages, property expenses, taxes, etc. The better idea you can get before arriving, the more prepared you can be—and also the more negotiating power you’ll have when you’re determining what to request for your salary if you are moving here for work. The cost of living index will help you understand if you can afford to live in St. George, Utah, how this city compares to other cities within Utah, and how Utah compares to others in the USA. Take the cost of living seriously and it could save you lots of money in the long run.

Currently the cost of living index for St. George is 88.3 which is less than the average across the United States. This means it is relatively cheaper to live in St. George than most cities across the US.

VIII. Things To Do in St. George, Utah

Let’s be honest for a second. The main thing we care about when moving to a new city or neighborhood is ‘what is there to do in St. George?’ We care less about the crime rates than we do the food scene, fitness gyms, grocery stores, shopping malls, theatres, etc. No one wants to live in a place that has no nightlife! So what is there to do in St. George? More than you would think!

  • Red Hills Desert Garden
  • St. George Children’s Museum
  • Pioneer Park
  • The Shoppes at Zion
  • Sand Hollow State Park
  • Red Cliffs Recreation Area
  • Brigham Young Winter Home
  • St. George Art Museum
  • Snow Canyon State Park

St. George Attraction Resources

IX. St. George Commuting & Public Transit

How accessible is St. George? Before settling down in any given neighborhood you need to check out how close it is to the main cities and attractions. You don’t want to have to live in Big Water, Utah which is 5 hours and 39 minutes from Salt Lake City or where there is no public transit. We’ve compiled the best commuting times, average gas prices, and available public transit surrounding St. George below.

Commuting times can make or break an apartment or house when you are deciding on a place to live. Unless you want to be out in the open and in the countryside then I’d suggest looking up the typical travel times from St. George out to the nearest cities.

Commuting Times

Travel Time from St. George to Attractions and National Parks

Average Gas Prices around St. George

  • Average Gas Prices – $2.59 per Gallon – From 2017

For real time insights into gas prices in St. George visit!

Available Public Transit

X. Cheap Self Storage in St. George

If you are moving then you should seriously consider self storage. It could take a while to find the perfect neighborhood in a day, week, month, or year. You’ll want to arrange for a cheap self storage unit that can protect your belongings while you continue your search for home. You need something flexible, cheap, and in a convenient location—you need Neighbor Storage. Neighbor’s got you covered with their self storage platform. The prices below speak for themselves.

Average Price of Storage in St. George:

Unit Size Traditional Self Storage Facility Price Neighbor’s Average Price
5 x 5 $21 $9
5 x 10 $33 $25
10 x 10 $40 $40
10 x 15 $77 $35
10 x 20 $45 $45
10 x 20+ $1305 $45

We’ve listed out all the unit sizes you could possibly imagine. You won’t need anything bigger than an 10 x 20 storage unit unless you are trying to store an RV in which case you should really be looking at Neighbor’s website for a space to save you money. The traditional self storage unit prices are almost double every time for every size of storage unit available. Neighbor provides storage at affordable costs, secure locations, and has on demand units so you can get a unit anytime, every time. Find cheap St. George self storage or rent out your extra space on Neighbor.

XI. Conclusion: Home Sweet Home?

You can literally move anywhere in the United States. According to a Pew Research Center Survey, 37% of Americans have never lived outside their hometown and 57% have never lived outside their home state. Don’t fall into that statistic! Be a traveler, explorer, or nomad of the the USA suburbia! Why not try living in St. George, Utah? If not, explore other new neighborhoods near you and only settle when you have found the city that fits your vibe.

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