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Moving to Sandy, UT: A Neighbor Moving Guide

So your thinking about moving to Sandy, Utah? Don’t worry, we get it! Sandy is a smaller city, has easy access to the shopping malls and restaurants, and has a great view of the Rocky Mountains. However, You don’t just move to a new city now—your moving to a new neighborhood and this guide will give you everything you need to know before moving into Sandy.

Change can be terrifying–or it can be exhilarating. Moving can be such a change. You change a major part of your lifestyle. One day you stand at the threshold of your front door smelling the smells, feeling the sensations that you’ve felt for some of the best times of your life. The next morning you wake up in a new place and ask yourself, “Where am I?”

I remember a time when I found myself in a completely different place. I was surrounded by people I didn’t know. I was awestruck with all the newness around me. It seemed like even the air and the water were different. I couldn’t do anything without taking a second to reflect on the differences between where I then found myself compared to the place from which I had come. Waking up and going to sleep were nervous adventures of anticipating what the next day would bring. You’ve probably felt like this on many occasions.

Most of the time in these new places, your mind is thinking of all the things that still need to be done. You need to get internet. You need to sign the kids up for school. You need to find some sort of affordable self storage. You need to explore this new city of Sandy, Utah. Well hopefully this Neighbor Sandy Moving Guide can help you do all those things, and yes, even find some self storage.  

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I. Moving to Sandy Overview

What started once as a trading post on a dusty desert road back in 1853, the city of Sandy, is now home to just over 96,000 people. It is ranked as Utah’s 6th largest city with a median age of 35.4 years. For every 100 women in Sandy, there are about 97.5 men which should make the dating scene a little more interesting. In the 34,811 households that comprise the beautiful city, there are an estimated 3.11 people per household living in houses with an average of 7.7 rooms. These beautiful households, which average around $289,000 per home, span over 22 square miles and are interspersed with over 5,500 businesses that also hold residence in the community. This city is alive, to say the least.

Personal Experiences From People Living in Sandy

Neighbor has partnered with Lifey (Selfie + Life Story = Lifey) to give you the grass roots information on Sandy, Utah. Lifey has compiled hundreds of personal experiences, tips and tricks, favorite things, least favorite things, random facts, and much more all about Sandy. Read about it all in Lifey’s Guide to Sandy. Give Sandy your stamp of approval here.

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II. Neighborhoods in Sandy

Moving to a new city has its advantages because you can pick which neighborhood you live in and the type of people with whom you want to associate. Smaller cities can’t provide half of what Sandy brings to the table. You can even hand pick the neighborhood within the greater community where you set your roots down. There are somewhere around 51 neighborhoods in Sandy. We didn’t want you to have to look at a long list of them unless you really wanted to, so instead click here to see that list. Here is a smaller list of a few of the neighborhoods that have really cool names.

  • Whirlaway Neighborhood
  • Silver Sage Neighborhood  
  • Crestwood Park Neighborhood  
  • Highlands of Hidden Valley Neighborhood  
  • Autumn Ridge Neighborhood

One of the greatest benefits of living in Sandy is its proximity to almost everything you’d want to do in Utah. You have Rio Tinto Stadium right there in your backyard. The new Hale Centre Theatre was just built with an enormous new parking garage, and there is easy access to canyons and national parks. The amenities are great, but then add the fact that the job growth rate in Sandy is resting at an easy 40% next year compared to the US average of 38%! Prospects look good for this city!

Even during the winter, Sandy is perfectly located for quick access to the Cottonwood canyons and other snowy slopes where you can ski or snowboard. Summers look even better when you realize that Utah lake is just 24 miles to the south and there are various other reservoirs or lakes where you can take a boat, kayak, paddle board or simple fishing rod. The city also finds itself at a good distance from the University of Utah, Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University. Not only is there a good future for the city, but for all those ready to go to college.

Sandy Neighborhood Map

Sandy city zipcode map

III. Sandy Crime Rates

Few things could be worse than moving to a new location with the bright glimmer of a hopeful new start, only to have that glimmer extinguished by the realization that you’ve moved into a war zone. We’ve all seen movies of the apocalypse, and I’m sure we’ve all thought, “that’s interesting but I’d never want to live there.” Check out this information so you are prepared for your next move and you don’t find yourself living an episode of Breaking Bad.

Sandy has an overall crime rate of 236.5 compared to the national average of 280.5 and has 1.51 police officers for every 1,000 people. In 2016 there were 0 murders (thank goodness), 57 rapes, 48 robberies, 56 assaults, 577 burglaries, 2,322 thefts, 241 auto thefts, 12 counts of arson, and a partridge in a pear tree. Ok, so that last bit about the partridge was just a Christmas exaggeration (it’s never too early to start the celebration), but you get the picture. Luckily, in contrast to the depressing statistics just mentioned, there are numerous ways to get involved and serve the community like the ones below.

Boy throwing leaves in the air

Service Organizations:

  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • Association Powder Ridge
  • Community Animal Welfare Society
  • Alta Arts Council
  • Heterotaxy Connection
  • Victim Assistance Center

Other Volunteer Resources:

IV. Sandy Schools & Stats

Even though kids dread the day that summer ends, Mom and Dad are probably looking forward to it. They want their kids to grow up and learn how to change the world. That’s why the school your children attend may be one of the most important factors of where you choose to live. It even has a huge effect on real estate appreciation. You’ll want to look at all of the qualities of a school in order to gauge it as a viable place for your children. Try to look at all the schools from elementary to high school. Because there are so many, here is the link to the Canyons School District Website where you can look at each of the schools in the district.

  • 29 Local Elementary Schools
  • 8 Local Junior High / Middle Schools
  • 6 Local High Schools

We didn’t want to bore you by going into detail about all of the schools, so here is some basic information about the two local high schools that are actually in Sandy. We’ve tried to make the information as succinct yet interesting as possible.

Alta High SchoolAlta high school logo

Alta High is an “inclusive learning community” that inspires “students as they prepare to be engaged citizens in their pursuit of continuous success.” In 2016, the school received a high school grade of a B. This year it will serve around 1,600 students with over 60 teachers.

  • Actual Enrollment 2017: 1,655 students
  • Graduation Rate for 2017: 94%
  • Student to Teacher Ratio for 2017: 25 students/1 teacher
  • Average Cost for Student Lunch in 2017: $2.00
  • School Subject % Proficiency for 2017: 53% Language Arts / 45% Mathematics / 44% Science
  • Average ACT score: 26 Composite / 26 English / 27 Reading / 25 Math / 26 Science

Jordan High SchoolJordan high school logo

Jordan High is full of tradition. With a mascot called the “beat-digger,” it’s very easy to see that tradition. They take great pride in who they are and present themselves with honor. This is evident in the behavior of the students as well as that of the teachers. They enjoy having good sports programs as well as a comparatively diverse student body.

  • Actual Enrollment 2017: 2,055 students
  • Graduation Rate for 2017: 87%
  • Student to Teacher Ratio for 2017: 24 students/1 teacher
  • Average Cost for Student Lunch in 2017: $2.00
  • School Subject % Proficiency for 2017: 35% Language Arts / 28% Mathematics / 23% Science
  • Average ACT score: 26 Composite / 26 English / 27 Reading / 24 Math / 25 Science

V. Homes for Sale in Sandy

Ah, the American dream. For most of us, it means a red brick house and a nice picket fence. When purchasing a home in a new neighborhood, there are so many things to think about. Much more than when you decide to rent.

Usually when people buy a home, they intend to stay in the place for a few years at least. This means you need to think about the memories you’ll make in those few years.

You can then curate those memories by choosing where you live. The type of home you choose also impacts those memories tremendously. You’ll definitely want to be aware of the current market because buying a home can take advantage of appreciation and turn your home into an investment if handled properly.

Right now, the real estate market is very robust. In Sandy, the average home price is right around $400,000 and is expected to rise 2.9% in the next year. 

When obtaining a mortgage, keep in mind that you will pay interest for what you borrow and you will also pay back the original loan amount. Remember, just because you qualify for a certain price, does not mean you should buy up to your limit. 

When purchasing a home you’ll also want to consider the actual month to month costs. Are you going to borrow money? What are the associated costs? Buying a home can be very rewarding if all of the factors are taken into account.

Pay very close attention to those costs that hide away and take people by surprise. Property tax can easily be one of these. At an average of around $1,500, that could be a big nasty surprise. Of course if you split that up into 12 monthly payments, it’s just above $120. That’s much more manageable and far less of a surprise.

Check out these resources for help.

Home Buying Calculators:

VI. Apartments in Sandy

It seems wherever you move, you’ll have to suss out where and, in some cases, with whom you will be living. Sandy has a wide range of apartments. The problem isn’t finding an apartment. Instead, you need to sift through the all amenities, the price, and size, the landlord and everything else that comes with the apartment in order to find the right one.

Most people don’t think about being able to choose their landlord, but it should be one of the top five qualifications for your ideal space. Also, think about the community as a whole. Spend some time walking around the neighborhood. Maybe try going to the local church and get to know some of members. Check out a few of the local sit down restaurants. Who knows, you might make some great friends.

When renting, sometimes you will have to be less loyal to places if you find a better bargain. You will always have to balance what you like, what you can afford, what will be good for your family or roommates, and what just makes sense. Don’t let any one of these factors dominate the others. Look at the big picture in which each minor detail plays a part.

How to design the perfect kitchen space!

Here are some resources to help with your apartment search.

  • Rent Affordability Calculator
  • List of Nice Apartment Complexes
  • Documents you need ready when you are renting:
    • Past 60 days of Paystubs
    • Bank Statements
    • Driver’s License or Passport
    • Recommendations from Friends and Family
    • Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance
    • Social Security Number
    • Previous Rental History
    • References
    • Job History
    • Checkbook
  • Check out brand new properties.
  • Look at middle floor units.
  • When you find a place you like, jump on it!
  • Negotiate on a fixer-upper.
  • Choose your amenities wisely.

VII. Sandy Cost of Living

Because Sandy is in the middle of it all, you can expect that a lot of people want to live there. That being the case, the cost of living will obviously reflect that tendency. No estimation can beat experience though. No doubt you will expect to pay a certain amount to live in Sandy, and then you will discover that reality is far different than what you expected. It usually is. Let’s hope though, that you expected to pay more and you end up paying far less. What a nice surprise that would be right?

You will surely learn how much it will cost when you first move in, but as a gauge realize that the living index score for Sandy is 112 compared to the 100 US average. It is also above the average for Utah which is 104. It may be more pricey than the average person is willing to pay, but let’s remember you get what you pay for. You are in the middle of it all and can get most of what you need or want very quickly. Just be ready for the extra costs and it should be no trouble at all.

VIII. Things To Do in Sandy, Utah

Some people might think, “There’s nothing to do in Utah.” People who say this haven’t really done their research. Utah is a beautiful place first and foremost because of its proximity to so many nature getaways. Not only is it beautiful in its rustic nature, but the Wasatch Front is steadily becoming Silicon Slopes, the next startup paradise.

More and more amenities pop up every month. The job market is booming and prospects look good. There are so many things to do, you just need to look for them. If you need a first step, check out the places we found.

  • Hale Center Theater
  • Sundance Resort
  • Cottonwood Canyon
  • Murdock Canal Trail
  • South Towne Shopping Mall
  • Cowabunga Bay Water Park
  • Real Salt Lake Soccer Game
  • Loveland Living Aquarium
  • Owlz baseball games
  • Topgolf

Sandy Attraction Resources

IX. Sandy Commuting & Public Transit

If Salt Lake City were Utah’s heart and Provo was its kidney then Sandy may be its stomach, gallbladder or spleen (whatever that does). Sandy is centrally located to almost everything in Utah. It is in the thick of it all, and it’s public transit is improving every year. We wanted you to have a grand old time, so we’ve compiled the following information about transit times, gas prices and how far everything is from Sandy.

When thinking about where to set down roots, thinking about how long it takes to get to all the important places you need to be could make or break your experience. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma (it’s a real place!), so check out these commuting times.

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Commuting Times

Travel Time from Sandy to the Attractions and National Parks

Average Gas Prices around Sandy

  • Winter Average Gas Prices – $2.40 per Gallon – From 2017
  • Summer Average Gas Prices – $3.05 per Gallon – From 2018

For real time insights into gas prices in Sandy visit!

Available Public Transit

X. Cheap Self Storage in Sandy

If you have helped even one person move, then you know that most people have a lot of stuff. That means storage is always an issue.  We all need to put things places, but no one wants to pay an arm and a leg. Instead, consider self storage. Instead of working with a disinterested employee who manages the 250+ unit storage facility, you can work with someone who has a vested interested in maintaining good relations with you, someone who is much more likely to care about how your stuff stores.

Average Price of Storage in Sandy:

Unit Size Traditional Self Storage Facility Price Neighbor’s Average Price
5 x 5 $40 $9
5 x 10 $33 $20
10 x 10 $43 $15
10 x 15 $115 $35
10 x 20 $155 $55
10 x 20+ $760 $75

Anything bigger than this, and you’ll definitely want to check out Neighbor’s website because it is cheaper by far. Your four wheeler can rest comfortably in your neighbor’s garage during the winter. You save money and your neighbor makes money. All of the hosts provide secure spaces and are often very accessible. The flip side of that is if you move into a space that you haven’t quite filled, don’t worry. Instead rent out some of the space as storage. Get rental income with none of the hassle of a tenant. So look for rental space in Sandy or think of becoming a host with Neighbor.

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XI. Moving to Sandy Conclusion: Jewel in Plain Sight

Being a Utah native, I assumed that I might know everything to know about the cities I’ve lived around for most of my life. I was wrong. Sandy is a jewel hidden in plain sight. According to a Heartland Monitor Poll, 54% percent of people live near where they grew up. This works out for a lot of people; however, most people dream of a change of pace. Why not places like Sandy? Remember, besides, “What is your name?” people most often ask, “Where are you from?” So be proud that you can say, “I’m from Sandy.”