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Moving to Murray, UT: A Neighbor Moving Guide

Thinking about moving to Murray, Utah? This guide will help! Murray is in the middle of Salt Lake Valley. It’s only a five minute drive to nearby shopping malls and night life, offering easy access to SLC and the surrounding areas. If you’ve been thinking about calling Murray home, this guide will give you everything you need to know before moving into the area.

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I. Population of Murray

Murray is a thriving city with a population of 49,230 and over 20,061 households. The median age is 36.1 and the average family size is 3.24. Demographics include 48.2% of the population are male, 51.8% are female, and 47.2% of the population is married. The community is made up of 23 different neighborhoods covering 9.61 square miles at an altitude of 4,350 ft ASL. The average annual temperature is a high of 63 degrees and a low of 46 degrees F. Murray is home to hundreds of restaurants, several shopping areas including the Fashion Place Mall, and many other fun things to do.

Learn about Murray through shared personal experiences

Neighbor has partnered with Lifey (Selfie + Life Story = Lifey) to give you the grass roots information on Murray, Utah. Lifey has compiled hundreds of personal experiences, tips and tricks, favorite things, least favorite things, random facts, and much more all about Murray.

II. Neighborhoods in Murray

Moving to a new city has its advantages because you can pick which neighborhood you live in and what type of people you want to associate with. Smaller towns and cities lack what Murray provides. Below is a list of all the neighborhoods located in Murray along with a description of the area, local statistics, and its location in relation to other larger surrounding cities.

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  • Adams Park Neighborhood
  • Akron Neighborhood
  • Amherst Park Neighborhood
  • Apple Blossom Estate Neighborhood
  • Applegate Condo Neighborhood
  • Aspen Heights Neighborhood
  • Atwood Neighborhood
  • Atwood Addition Neighborhood
  • Cahoon Haynes Addition Neighborhood
  • Clayton Neighborhood
  • Clover Crest Number 3 Neighborhood
  • Country Garden Estates Neighborhood
  • Holly Heights Neighborhood
  • Murray Burton Acres Neighborhood
  • Murray Oakes Neighborhood
  • Riverview Acres Neighborhood
  • Village Gardens Neighborhood
  • Western Park Neighborhood
  • Willows Condominium Neighborhood
  • White Terrace Neighborhood
  • Woodridge Neighborhood
  • Woodstock Neighborhood
  • Woodstock Village Neighborhood

The main draw to Murray is Murray Park and the Fashion Place Mall that make up most, if not all, of the attractions in Murray. There are shops, theaters, restaurants, plays, and then there is all of Salt Lake City that is less than a 20 minute drive from anywhere in Murray. Murray is a very beautiful city and has many differing attractions with the mountains, lakes, reservoirs, resorts, national parks, desert, and shopping within reach of you in only a matter of minutes!

III. Murray Crime Rates

When it comes to crime rates, Murray is known for being a safe and secure neighborhood.

Murray received a crime rate of 548.9, which is higher than the US average of 280.5. According to recent crime rate data on Neighborhood Scout, current statistics show there were 0 murders, 49 rapes, 31 robberies, 138 assaults, 423 burglaries, 2,062 thefts, and 405 auto thefts. These numbers have been reducing over the last five years and are significantly lower than, for example, Chicago which had 765 murders, 1,568 rapes, and 12,000 robberies in 2016. Based on these statistics, residents in Murray have a 1 in 224 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime, and a 1 in 17 chance of becoming a victim of property crime.

IV. Murray Schools and Scores

If you have children then this is probably one of the most important thing you should be thinking about. Where are your kids going to go to school? How good is the school when compared to the others in the area? Does the school specialize in a certain subject, and will your children enjoy that? These are all serious questions that need answered. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of all the school options within the Murray School District. You can learn more about each individual school at their respective website.

Total schools located in Murray, UT:

  • 7 Elementary schools
  • 2 Junior high schools
  • 1 High school

We’ve broken down the stats to report on the junior high and high schools in the Murray area so you can make an informed decision on where you want to live if you have teenagers. Visit for more in-depth information.

Hillcrest Junior High School

Originally built in 1911, Hillcrest once served as a school for grades 1-8. Today, Hillcrest Junior High School holds classes in their state-of-the-art new school opened in 2015 for students in grades 7-9. The school’s motto, as stated on the front page of their website, is “Take care of yourself – Take care of each other – Take care of our school.”


  • Enrollment: 856 Students
  • Principal: Jim Bouwman
  • Assistant Principal: Megan Orme
  • Address: 178 East 5300 South
  • Phone: (801) 264-7442
  • Mascot: Hillcrest Gladiators
  • School Colors: Royal Blue and White

Riverview Junior High SchoolMurray high school logo

Described as an energetic school, Riverview Junior High School continues to set a high bar with continued tradition and a dedicated staff and faculty. Their mission is, “to create a developmentally responsive middle level school that nurtures each student’s progress physically, emotionally, and intellectually.” Riverview Junior High School hosts students grades 7-9.

  • Enrollment: 653 Students
  • Principal: Earl Kauffman
  • Assistant Principal: Ofa Nau
  • Address: 751 West Tripp Lane (5755 South) Murray, UT 84123
  • Phone: (801) 264-7446
  • Mascot: Riverview Rebels
  • School Colors: Red and White

Murray High School

Formerly Hillcrest School, Murray High offers a curriculum including “basic general courses, advanced technology, college prep, and career oriented offerings.” Murray High also offers a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities to students grades 10-12.

  • Enrollment: 1,498 Students (2017-2018 School Year)
  • Principal: Scott Wihongi
  • Assistant Principal: Laura deShazo and Jon Jensen
  • Address: 5440 South State Street Murray, UT 84107
  • Phone: (801) 264-7460
  • Mascot: Spartans
  • School Colors: Orange and Black

V. Homes for Sale in Murray

Moving to a new state, city, or neighborhood is a perfect time to consider buying a home. It’s a new start and would completely establish you in the area and with your neighbors. However, there are a few things you should consider other than the color of the cabinets, how plush the carpet is, or the bedroom count. Consider which neighborhoods are going to be growing, where the shopping malls are, where landmarks are located, and how old the house is. All these things directly affect home valuations. You want to buy a home that will continue to appreciate in value so you can sell if for a profit when you decide to move again later in life.

The estimated average home price or condo value in Murray is currently $265,277 for a medium home with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We’ve compiled a list of calculators to help you purchase a home in Murray and figure out how much you can afford when it comes to mortgages, refinancing, and affordability of homes you are looking at.

VI. Apartments in Murray

Renting an apartment is almost as stressful as entering into a new relationship. You have to search for the perfect match, with the right amenities, price, location, features, and above all, the other tenants and your landlord have to be on point. You’ll be living in a neighborhood within a neighborhood—a community that functions within society as a whole, and you want to be in the best position possible. You need a landlord who fits your personality type so you don’t clash over trivial things. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few resources to help make the process seamless and easy.

Sharing economy Justpark

  • List of apartment complexes in Murray
  • Documents you need ready when you are renting:
    • Past 60 days of Paystubs
    • Bank Statements
    • Driver’s License or Passport
    • Recommendations from Friends and Family
    • Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance
    • Social Security Number
    • Previous Rental History
    • References
    • Job History
    • Checkbook
  • Check out brand new properties
  • Look at middle floor units
  • When you find a place you like, jump on it
  • Negotiate on a fixer-upper
  • Choose your amenities wisely

VII. Cost of Living in Murray

Find out from the locals how much groceries are, average rent/mortgages, property expenses, taxes, etc. The better idea you can get before arriving, the more prepared you can be—and also the more negotiating power you’ll have when you’re determining what to request for your salary if you are moving here for work. The cost of living index will help you understand if you can afford to live in Murray, Utah, how this city compares to other cities within Utah, and how Utah compares to others in the USA. Take the cost of living seriously and it could save you lots of money in the long run.

Currently the cost of living index for Murray is 91.6 which is less than the average across the United States. This means it is relatively cheaper to live in Murray than most cities across the US.

VIII. Things to Do in Murray, Utah

Let’s be honest for a second. The main thing we care about when moving to a new city or neighborhood is ‘what is there to do in Murray?’ We care less about the crime rates than we do the food scene, fitness gyms, grocery stores, shopping malls, theatres, and other entertainment. No one wants to live in a place that has no nightlife! So what is there to do in Murray? More than you would think!

  • Hale Center Theater
  • Fashion Place Shopping Mall
  • Murray Park
  • Wheeler Historic Farm
  • Murray City Museum   
  • Willow Pond Park
  • Desert Star Playhouse

IX. Commuting and Public Transit

How accessible is Murray? Before settling down in any given neighborhood you need to check out how close it is to the main cities and attractions. You don’t want to have to live in Big Water, Utah which is 5 hours and 39 minutes from Salt Lake City or where there is no public transit. We’ve compiled the best commuting times, average gas prices, and available public transit surrounding Murray below.

Commuting times can make or break an apartment or house when you are deciding on a place to live. Unless you want to be out in the open and in the countryside then I’d suggest looking up the typical travel times from Murray out to the nearest cities.

Ogden outdoors

Estimated commuting times from Murray to nearby cities:

  • Time to Provo – 42 Minutes
  • Time to Lehi – 25 Minutes
  • Time to Sandy – 19 Minutes
  • Time to Salt Lake City – 13 Minutes
  • Time to Bountiful – 22 Minutes
  • Time to Ogden – 42 Minutes
  • Time to Logan – 1 Hour and 24 Minutes
  • Time to St. George – 4 Hours and 7 Minutes
  • Time to Park City – 39 Minutes

Estimated travel time from Murray to state attractions and National Parks:

  • Time to Bear Lake – 2 Hours and 19 Minutes
  • Time to Yellowstone – 6 Hours and 3 Minutes
  • Time to Zions National Park – 4 Hours and 23 Minutes
  • Time to Arches National Park – 3 Hours and 30 Minutes
  • Time to Canyonlands National Park – 3 Hours and 44 Minutes
  • Time to Capitol Reef National Park – 3 Hours and 20 Minutes
  • Time to Bryce Canyon National Park – 3 Hours and 56 Minutes

Average gas prices:

  • Murray, UT average fuel cost: $3.02 per gallon
  • National average fuel cost: $2.86 per gallon

Visit to see real-time gas prices at nearby locations in Murray.

Available public transit:

X. Cheap Self Storage in Murray

If you are moving then you should seriously consider self storage. It could take a while to find the perfect neighborhood in a day, week, month, or year. You’ll want to arrange for a cheap self storage unit that can protect your belongings while you continue your search for home. You need something flexible, cheap, and in a convenient location—you need Neighbor Storage. Neighbor’s got you covered with their self storage platform. The prices below speak for themselves.

Average Price of Storage in Murray:

Unit Size Traditional Self Storage Facility Price Neighbor’s Average Price
5 x 5 $23 $14
5 x 10 $35 $28
10 x 10 $85 $32
10 x 15 $56 $42
10 x 20 $93 $59
10 x 20+ $639 $59

We’ve listed out all the unit sizes you could possibly imagine. You won’t need anything bigger than an 10 x 20 storage unit unless you are trying to store an RV in which case you should really be looking at Neighbor’s website for a space to save you money. The traditional self storage unit prices are almost double every time for every size of storage unit available. Neighbor provides storage at affordable costs, secure locations, and has on demand units so you can get a unit anytime, every time. Find cheap Murray self storage or rent out your extra space on Neighbor.

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XI. Moving to Murray: Home Sweet Home?

You can literally move anywhere in the United States. According to a Pew Research Center Survey, 37% of Americans have never lived outside their hometown and 57% have never lived outside their home state. Don’t fall into that statistic! Be a traveler, explorer, or nomad of the the USA suburbia! Why not try living in Murray, Utah? If not, explore other new neighborhoods near you and only settle when you have found the city that fits your vibe.

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