Bountiful, UT

Moving to Bountiful, UT: A Neighbor Moving Guide

So you’re thinking of moving to Bountiful, UT? Don’t worry, we get it! When you move to a new place, you are almost always seeking greener pastures. Well, when you are moving to place whose name literally means, “large in quantity; abundant,” or, “giving generously,” it can’t get much better than that right? Moving is still a hard decision. No one can tell what the future holds, so we just make the best decisions we can with the knowledge at our fingertips.

Luckily, with the advent of the internet and companies like Neighbor, getting information about places like Bountiful, Utah becomes much easier. All this information is quite literally at your fingertips. This article was written as a 30,000 foot overview of all that is the city of Bountiful. It’s not meant to really go in depth on any specific topic, although we have tried to go as deep as we can. It’s mostly just to help you understand the city. If you are already moving here, then we congratulate you on choosing a wonderful place to live. As we saw doing our research, and as you will soon see, this is a great city.Bountiful city logo

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I. Bountiful Overview

If you are thinking about moving to Bountiful, you’ve made a great choice. It is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. Bountiful has a population of 43,428 with 52% of that being female and a good third under 25 years old. Bountiful is in a great location because of its proximity to Salt Lake City. That is the main reason why so many people choose to live here. Being just a 16-minute drive away from work and recreation, Bountiful is a one of a kind place to live.

The median home value in Bountiful is $257,300, and the average rent is $917. The average household income is $65,716, and most people have at least an associates degree. There are so many things to do here and great people to see. Overall, it’s a good place to live.

II. Neighborhoods in Bountiful

Nowadays, when you move, you have to choose the city within the city. Each city has different neighborhoods and boroughs that are significantly different from one another. You need to choose which one attracts you the most. Making this choice is never easy, so we’d recommend walking through the neighborhood. If it is summer, this is more effective because the chances of neighbor interactions go up.


What you want is the opportunity to get to know some of the people where you are thinking of living. You are not looking to discriminate. Instead, look for signs of the culture of the neighborhood. If you see many kids running from yard to yard playing, you’ll know that the children are free to roam. This is generally a good sign. If you see lots of boarded up windows, you’ll know that maybe you want to move somewhere else. Here are a few of the neighborhoods we found.

  • Val Verda Neighborhood
  • Bountiful Acres Neighborhood
  • Woodmere Neighborhood
  • North Hillsdale Neighborhood
  • Canyon Crest Neighborhood
  • Forest Park Neighborhood
  • Arcadia Neighborhood
  • Woodland Hills Estates Neighborhood
  • Mar Vista Neighborhood
  • Maple Hills Neighborhood
  • Star Heights Neighborhood
  • Oakcrest Neighborhood
  • Artistic Neighborhood
  • Packlynn Neighborhood
  • Alda Verda Neighborhood
  • Mountain Aire Neighborhood
  • Oak Haven Park Neighborhood
  • Church Heights Neighborhood
  • Moss Hill Neighborhood
  • Amby Briggs Neighborhood
  • Woodland Neighborhood

Not only are these neighborhoods a great quality of the city, but the city itself also shines as a whole.You get the suburban feel with quick access to the metropolitan life. Do you enjoy that feeling of smallness that comes from walking next to a skyscraper?

While our skyscrapers aren’t the tallest, they still give you that feeling. Bountiful is just a small drive north of the great heart of Utah. Salt Lake city offers so much by way of urban entertainment. Not only does the city lend itself to recreation, but so does the landscape. Bountiful is close to mountains, ski resorts, water attractions and hiking trails.

There is something here for everyone. You can go to the zoo or take a nature walk. You can see the Jazz play or go play basketball yourself at a park. The options and opportunities are endless. You can even join in the statewide rivalry of BYU vs. U of U. Being closer to the U, that will probably become your default choice, but you can choose either one. Just enjoy the feeling of life that comes from living in Bountiful Utah.

Bountiful Street Map

III. Bountiful Crime Rates

These are the skeletons in the closet of cities. It’s something nobody wants to know while they live in an area, but before they move in, they want to know everything there is to know. It’s a good thing to understand. Here are some of the most important facts about Bountiful.

Bountiful has an A rating when it comes to crime (that means that there is comparatively little crime). In 2017 there was only 1 murder, 19 counts of rape, 2 robberies, 24 counts of assault, 83 burglaries, 602 thefts, and 59 vehicle thefts. Here, the overall crime rate is 37% less than the national average. It’s also safer than 67% of the cities in the United States. That’s pretty good.

Crime isn’t the only thing to worry about in a city. It’s also a good idea to get a reading of the best ways to volunteer and get involved. Utah, in general, has many great ways to serve and give back to the community. Bountiful is no exception. There are so many ways to just help. Let me tell you, giving back is probably the most fulfilling thing there is to do. So please, check out these resources and get involved.

Service Organizations:

  • Child and Family Services
  • Future Through Services
  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • Bountiful Library Volunteer Opportunities
  • Bountiful Public Works Volunteer Opportunities
  • Victim Assistance Center

Other Volunteer Resources:

IV. Bountiful Schools & Stats

When moving, one of the most important things to consider is the school system. In many cases, the experience children have in elementary severely affects their perceptions about junior high and then high school. This then can affect the trajectory of their life.

Of course schooling does not determine the success of an individual’s life, but choosing good schools that offer great opportunities can definitely help. Set up your children right. Put them on a bright path that leads to where they eventually want to go.

When looking for good schools, there are so many tips out there. Out of this article, my favorite tip is to follow your instinct. If you are a parent, you have a gift to know when certain things aren’t good for your children. I would listen to it when it comes to schools. You never know. You could be sending your child right into a war zone.

Most schools try to paint themselves a good portrait. Most of the time, things are never as shiny as they appear on the outside. This is advice coming from the son of two educators who have taught for a collective twenty years. Choosing the right school matters.

The school district that services Bountiful is the Davis County School district. It has a wide range of schools including:

  • 13 Elementary Schools
  • 6 Middle Schools
  • 2 High Schools

Here are the basic profiles of each of the high schools. Each school is different and has its own charms and characteristics. Take time to visit  them and get to know the feel of the school as well as doing actual research. Make sure you talk to the principal and some of the teachers if possible. Here are the high schools:

Bountiful High SchoolBountiful high school logo

Bountiful High School is the home of the Braves, a classic yet timeless mascot. Their mission statement focuses on working with parents to create effective communicators and future leaders. The school also seeks to implement habits of lifelong learning in its students.

The school has a full array of sports available for participation, and the activities don’t stop there. It also touts an impressive number of clubs available for each and every student.

  • Actual Enrollment 2017: 1,556 students
  • Graduation Rate for 2017: 96%
  • Student-Teacher Ratio for 2017: 26 students/1 teacher
  • School Subject % Proficiency for 2017: 96% Language Arts / 49% Mathematics / 76% Science
  • Average ACT score: 27 Composite / 27 English / 28 Reading / 26 Math / 26 Science

Viewmont High SchoolViewmont high school logo

If you want to be a Viking, then Viewmont is the school for you. It is a great school that hopes to unlock the potential of every student that steps through its doors. In operation since 1964, this schools boasts a long history of producing well-adjusted citizens.

The school has a major goal: continued Viking excellence. Viewmont has a strong athletic presence in the state and it provided excellent environments for its students to stretch their capabilities and try new things.

  • Actual Enrollment 2017: 1,799 students
  • Graduation Rate for 2017: 96%
  • Student -Teacher Ratio for 2017: 24.7students/1 teacher
  • School Subject % Proficiency for 2017: 63% Language Arts / 56% Mathematics / 57% Science
  • Average ACT score: 27 Composite / 28 English / 28 Reading /26 Math / 26 Science

V. Homes for Sale in Bountiful

Buying a home is generally the single biggest purchase the average person makes. The way things go nowadays, it can turn out to be a 30 year commitment. That can be a staggering prospect. It becomes easier when you start to make use of all of the resources out there. Real estate professionals, for example real estate agents, can be one such resource. There are all sorts of online resources as well.

Interior Designing

One of the most important things you can do when on the hunt for a home is to get a reading of the current market. For example, in Bountiful, the average house price is $328,600 according to Zillow. Most homes in the city have 3 bedrooms or more. It helps to understand what you are likely to find because that can determine where you end up living.

The mortgage you get as well as the actual month-to-month payment play major roles in the decision making process. You may not want to go to the limits of your budget; so many times, things come up that surprise us and can ruin plans.

Home Buying Calculators:

VI. Apartments in Bountiful

Having recently gone through the apartment-finding process, I can tell you that it can be fun and it can be stressful. You’re trying to find a new place to live, yet you still want freedom, convenience and dependability from your domicile. It can be fun because you get to walk through different apartments, ask all sorts of questions and have the leasing agent or landlord try to sell you. That can all be stressful as well.

Horseshoe Kitchen Design

One thing to remember is that you should never take the first place you find. Always look for better options, and weigh them. Don’t let a pushy leasing agent try to finagle you into a contract.

You’ll also want to take stock of what is most important to you and your circumstances. Do you want amenities or a cheap price? You will also have to recognize that certain things have inverse relationships. The cheaper an apartment is, the less amenities and the less quality apartments you will find. For some help in finding apartments, check out these resources.

  • Rent Affordability Calculator
  • List of Nice Apartment Complexes
  • Documents you need ready when you are renting:
    • Past 60 days of Paystubs
    • Bank Statements
    • Driver’s License or Passport
    • Recommendations from Friends and Family
    • Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance
    • Social Security Number
    • Previous Rental History
    • References
    • Job History
    • Checkbook
  • Check out brand new properties.
  • Look at middle floor units.
  • When you find a place you like, jump on it!
  • Negotiate on a fixer-upper.
  • Choose your amenities wisely.

VII. Bountiful Cost of Living

When you move somewhere, you always need to consider the cost of living. California is a very nice place to live, but the cost of living is larger than the national average. Nowhere, Oklahoma however is comparatively cheaper. Bountiful has a rate of 106 which is two lower than Salt Lake City.

Considering both cities are so close, the former is probably a great option for people who need to commute into the big city for work but prefer the suburban life.  Hopefully the discounted cost of living translates to more fun.

Bountiful has an unemployment rate of 4% compared to the national average of 5%. That’s pretty good. The job growth rate predicted for the next 10 years is 41%, which is better than the nation’s average, 38%. Overall, the future looks promising.

VIII. Things To Do in Bountiful, Utah

One of the main reasons you move somewhere is because of the fun things to do there. Bountiful has many great attractions. It’s close to so many things, that you don’t need to worry if there is anything to do.

Instead, just worry about being able to fit it all into your schedule. Do you like doing things in the mountains? Do you like doing things in the city? Well, if you live in Bountiful then you can do both. It’s close enough to Salt Lake City that you can go there every weekend. You can also go camping, boating or hiking every weekend. Let’s check out some of the things we’ve found.

Hale Center Theater

  • Hale Center Theater
  • Alta Ski Resort
  • Davis Creek Trail
  • Adams Waterfall
  • Gateway Shopping Center
  • City Creek Shopping Center
  • Lagoon
  • South Davis Recreation Center
  • Centerpoint Legacy Theatre
  • The Jazz Basketball games

Bountiful Attraction Resources

IX. Bountiful Commuting & Public Transit

Welcome to Bountiful, Utah. It’s a great place to live, but obviously you won’t spend 100% of the time in Bountiful alone. You will venture out into the wide world. You’ll probably work out of the town, and you’ll probably vacation out of town (although there is nothing wrong with a little stay-cation). If you will always be traveling and commuting, knowing the travel times is very important.

Luckily, Bountiful is in a wonderful location. It is just north of Salt Lake and located right on the major highway. It has great access points and is in a very well-connected location. If you live here in Bountiful, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting where you need to.

people commuting to work

Commuting Times

Travel Time from Bountiful to the Attractions and National Parks

Average Gas Prices around Bountiful

  • Winter Average Gas Prices – $2.37 per Gallon – From 2017
  • Summer Average Gas Prices – $3.15 per Gallon – From 2018

For real time insights into gas prices in Bountiful visit!

Available Public Transit

X. Cheap Self Storage in Bountiful

Speaking as someone who has helped move over a dozen different families, people always have a lot of things. They always have much more than they realize. So many times have I picked up a box to be moved and then asked the moving people where the box goes. So many times have they said, “I don’t remember that box at all.”

When you move into a new place, there is a sincere need for self-storage. Nothing could replace the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there is a place for all of your things. What could be more convenient? It’s better than coming home every day and seeing a labyrinth of cardboard boxes that hide all of your valuables and even some of the things that aren’t valuable but still mean a lot. Here are some prices that might help you in finding the right place.

Average Price of Storage in Bountiful:

Unit Size Traditional Self Storage Facility Price Neighbor’s Average Price
5 x 5 $35 $9
5 x 10 $60 $20
10 x 10 $85 $15
10 x 15 $130 $35
10 x 20 $145 $55

As you can easily see, there is a major difference between the average prices you’d find just going around Bountiful and the prices you’d find on Neighbor in Bountiful. Let’s also remember though, that price is not the only thing to consider when looking out for storage. You need to also consider accessibility and comfort in storing your stuff.

Build the Neighbor Community

Imagine having to access your stuff on a cold and snowy winter day (those happen quite a lot in Bountiful). You try to open the garage-like storage door and find the metal cold and very uncomfortable. Now imagine, instead, storing your stuff in the basement of a neighbor. Instead of having to open a cold storage door, you simply walk into the basement of your host and then access your stuff in the nice, warm comfort of someone’s home. That sounds so much better to me. So find cheap places in Bountiful to rent out.

XI. Conclusion: Congratulations on Choosing Bountiful

Good luck with your move to Bountiful. You now know that the city is a peaceful one with a healthy prospect on real estate growth as well as job growth. You’ll know exactly what to do on your day off (Lagoon!!!!) as well as how long it will take to get to work in Salt Lake City. Hopefully we’ve made the moving process easier and more enjoyable. It should be. You are starting a new chapter in life, and no one wants to start with a negative experience. I’m sure that you’ll have many happy days ahead of you. I’m glad that I was able to play a small part in it. I hope most of all that you are sincerely happy with your move to the city of Bountiful, Utah.

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