What Is The Ideal Storage Space For Me?

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What Is The Ideal Storage Space For Me?

When looking for a storage unit or a place to store your belongings, you want it to be four things: secure, well-maintained, accessible, and affordable. And now, there’s a way you can have all four of these options through Neighbor, the Airbnb of Storage. This will make your storing life a thousand times better, I promise. Let me tell you why.

Important Storage Unit Features:

 1) First, is it secure?     


You can now store your stuff in your neighbor’s empty space. It doesn’t get much more secure than this; I mean, it’s their home, they’re going to do everything in their power to make sure everything inside isn’t harmed. When looking for a space through Neighbor, you can choose what kind of features you want to have, like security cameras or locked spaces. In addition to these features, most homes are well-lit and well-maintained and some even have fences, walls, and even door alarms. The best part is: there’s usually someone living in that space, kind of like a permanent on-site manager. While choosing your space, you’ll be able to view the profile of your host to learn a little bit about them, as well as contact them to get to know them even more.


2) Is it well maintained?


Two words: climate control. This is one of the most important features of storage. You’ll want to keep most of your items in a space that’s between 60 and 80 degrees year round and between 45%- 55% humidity. Why would you want to have climate control? Well, if you live in Utah, then you know just how temperamental the temperatures here can be. The winters can be very wet and well below freezing and the summers will hit 100. When temperatures get too hot or cold, or wet or dry, many of your items could become damaged – wood warps, leather wrinkles and cracks, pictures fade, metals rust, etc. When renting with Neighbor, ask your host about their climate control, if they offer it. 


3) Is it easily accessible?


If you are going to be paying through the nose for a storage unit and locked into a 6 – 12 month contract then it better be super accessible! You don’t want to have to drive for 30 minutes to an hour just to get to your unit. If you have to make multiple trips then your day is shot! Luckily there is a better way to store your belongings. With Neighbor you get a Neiybor Host Rental Mapstorage space at 50% the cost, on a month-month contract, and its in your own neighborhood less than 10 minutes away. No more lengthy contracts or crazy amounts of paperwork, no more wasted gas, and at 50% the cost you can afford to buy the storage unit that is perfect for your needs. Neighbor is your one stop shop for storage.


4) Is it Affordable?      


Because storage spaces are right out of existing property, prices are relatively cheap. Each space on Neighbor is set by the homeowner and is based on square footage and on average, these spaces are about half the cost of what you would pay at a storage unit. Additionally, Neighbor has listings for all of your storage needs: RV pads, car spaces in garages, open rooms, empty closets, indoor vehicle storage and more. So what are you waiting for? Find Neighbor storage near you today.

Author: Neighbor

Neighbor is The Airbnb of Storage. Connecting hosts with unused space to renters in need of storage. Earn extra cash by renting out your empty space today! Neighbor provides an online, peer-to-peer self storage community that allows homeowners to make passive income and gives renters storage at 50% the cost of traditional self storage.

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