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Declutter Your Home: 15 Decluttering Cleaning Tips

How on Earth do you declutter your home? 

Whether you’re organizing your garage, kitchen or closet, home organization is no less than a tiring and time-consuming adventure. Whether it’s an overflow of shoes or a bundle of toys wandering into every corner or your unnecessary acquisitions, they all pile up, hence making cleaning an insurmountable job.

Although it requires a lot of efforts, it becomes much easier if done regularly. A habit of daily tidying can help in regaining the lost control of the cleanliness.

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A good cleaning in a right way can save up to half of your time and energy. Regular cleaning of the house doesn’t only maintain hygiene but can also prevent you from costly consequences which may arise in the future.

Imagine your guest knocking to your door suddenly and you see all the little junks peeping out from different areas. Big trouble!!

With these clutter cleaning tips, you can easily transform your house into a well-organized space. Have a look at the decluttering guide to transform the look of your space.

How To Keep Your Home Clean and Decluttered

Set a timeline

Before getting started, identify all the problematic areas that need additional focus. No matter how big your house is or how much clutter is accumulated. Set a goal and devote a fixed amount of time to all the areas. Start cleaning room by room. Do not make yourself clean your entire house in one go or you will end up making the situation worse.

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Doing all the decluttering work at one time may kill all your willingness to clean your house again. Select one or two areas of your home to declutter on a fixed day. This will not only prevent you from burning out but also make the task less exhausting. But just setting a timeline is not enough. It is vital for a timetable to be realistic.

Never leave a room empty-handed.

This is one of the best tips that can make a huge difference by helping you in staying organized. Always take a look around the space before leaving and check if anything is lying without serving any purpose or any object which doesn’t belong there.

For example, a used glass or coffee mug which needs to be in the kitchen, you can take it with you and return to its original place. This habit of doing a quick scan is very beneficial in the long run. It prevents the things from piling up and save your time. Tidying up your space seven days a week can prevent you from a daunting future clutter.

Keep a log

Make a log of your to-do list for each day in every week. Include tasks related to every room of the house. From the bathroom to closets to kitchen and bedroom. Make sure the log covers every corner of the house.  Make yourself accountable to comply with that list every day without skipping any work. Take these tasks in to do list as different steps of cleaning.

Complete each step at a time. This will help you in the daily maintenance of tasks, and by the end of the month, you will end up completing almost all of the cleaning work.

Keep basic cleaning supplies close to where you use them.

Cleaning Supplies

We live in an era of “work smarter not harder.” This trick is all about keeping the basic cleaning supplies closer to their place of use. Doing this can make the decluttering work easier and quicker. Scattered cleaning supplies won’t do any favours searching for them and collecting them at the time of cleaning will eat half of your time.

For instance, keep all the bathroom cleaning tools and materials like brooms, mops, and detergents in the bathroom itself so that you can use them as and when you need them. Similarly, keep your kitchen stocked with cleaning essentials like sponges and microfiber cloths in the kitchen.

Clean as you go

Most of us ignore this most obvious habit. This involves taking part in the cleaning throughout the working of day (not just saving everything for the annual spring cleaning). Putting things where they belong doesn’t take much time but can serve you in the mission of organizing the house. How many of you keep the dishes directly into the sink after finishing your meal? Not many!

Most of us place them on the counter or leave them at the dining place. These small habits go a long way in maintaining hygiene and tidiness in the house.

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What’s better than cleaning your house and subsequently serving to the environment. Recycle the materials like paper, plastic or glass.


Every house comprises of things which are useless but still acquiring a place. Simply, trash out all these items and see the change it makes.


Whether its a dress that you purchased years ago which you hardly wear or a pair of shoes that you got bored of. You will find many such items which are of no use to you. You can donate such things to any organization or a person who may need such items.


Fix or mend such things which are lying around without any purpose just because they need some repair.

How To Declutter Your Entryway


The area which is the first place to get noticed by guests but still gets neglected at the time of cleaning. Anyone arriving at your home would first notice your entrance, so it is essential to keep it tidy. No matter whether it is small or big, the size of the entrance is no excuse for cleaning it. Make a habit of hanging all the coats and bags on hangers and putting shoes into a shoe rack instead of making a heap of them.

How To Declutter Your Living room

One of the toughest places to clean on a daily basis. Not just because of the ample space and heavy storage but also because it is the most used place. Keep all the books and coffee mugs away from the center table. A center table covered up with magazines, mugs and newspapers are a big turn off. Grab every other thing which is of no use like a broken toy or old remote controls and throws them into a bin. The television area requires special attention. Make sure that all the cables connecting television and home theatres are not visible or placed recklessly.

How To Declutter Your Bedrooms

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Making your bed and folding all the comforters or bed sheets is the first and foremost step in bedroom cleaning. Adapt this habit of making your bed on your own as soon as you wake up. Remove any other things like newspapers, books or magazines and put them in their respective places. Drawers required special attention and needed to be organized well. Make a habit of keeping the files in proper order so that you don’t need to waste time looking for the right file at the time of urgency.

How To Declutter Your Kitchen

Making the kitchen a clutter-free place can be a tough challenge. Start kitchen cleaning by choosing one type of item at a time. You have got a lot to choose, from utensils to cabinets to cutleries. This may take some time, but the result is worth waiting. Empty each cabinet and drawer, and put everything back in such a way that each item is easily accessible. Keep the rarely used items inside and mostly used items at one hand distance. To make your kitchen look one step ahead from others, keep your kitchen slabs free from the things which didn’t come in use every single day.

How To Declutter Your Bathrooms

Start with separating your makeup and skincare products. Categorize all the products and keep them in separate cabinets. Make sure that you keep the most often used thing at eye level. Move towards the drawers, take out each and everything and figure out what you need to keep and what needs to be tossed. Put all the usable items back with the most often used things into the top drawer and least used things into the last one.

How To Declutter Your Closet

Packing power cords

Time to tackle your favorite part of time house, the closet. Decluttering of the closet is not only easy but cleaning it can also be fun. You can come across many clothes and shoes which you don’t even remember buying. Keep the similar type of clothes together. Put your long dresses and jackets on the hangers, while keeping denim and shirts as folded piles would be convenient and save a lot of space. Small things like your lingeries and inners should be kept properly in drawers. Put away any other unnecessary pieces like dirty laundry and check out if any of your clothing needs to be dry cleaned or tailored. Make a separate section for your daily use items to avoid last minute hustle.

Use these super powerful cluttering tricks for daily routine and say goodbye to the messy and untidy house. What are the ways you declutter your home? Share them with us below!

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