ABC 4 – Good Things Utah

ABC 4 – Good Things Utah

ABC 4 – Good Things Utah featured Neighbor! Neighbor is helping to redefine what it means to have self-storage. Instead of traveling, signing a long extensive contract, or having to pay crazy amounts of money; you can now rent with Neighbor where you have a month-month contract, 50% cheaper prices, and the storage unit is in your own neighborhood. We provide the safe online marketplace that connects renters with those with extra space in their house such as an empty garage, unfinished basement, RV pad, bedroom, or attic!

Neighbor – Redefining Self Storage

Video Transcript:

Nicea DeGering: “I think this is such a brilliant idea. There is an online market place that can connect you to the extra storage space you need. If you need to store something this is such a great idea for you.  I have Colton, Preston, and Joesph sitting next to me. They’ve been in business for over a year now. So how did Neighbor get started?”

Preston Alder: “A year ago last summer my wife and I need storage and we ended up finding storage with a old family friend that lived a little over an hour and a half away. As I drove home the thought hit me and I realized that there are hundreds of houses with extra empty space so why couldn’t I just store with one of my neighbors?”

Nicea DeGering: “You though wait a second! So how did you go from a to z with your idea?”

Preston: “Lots of long nights and with some good friends we made Neighbor possible.”

Nicea DeGering: “So you went and talked to these two and said, ‘Here’s my plan’. What did you guys come up with? So tell me how does Neighbor work?”

Colton Gardner: “So Neighbor is similar to Airbnb on which hosts can go on and list their extra unused space in and or around their home. Then renters can go onto our platform or online community and find hosts that have available storage space that they need.”

Nicea DeGering: “So Joseph what type of space are we talking about here?”

Joseph Woodbury: “So a lot of people will list an extra bedroom, RV pad, Backyard, unfinished basements (especially here in Utah) which if listed can make up to $200 a month.

Nicea DeGering: “Okay cool! The extra storage space is just sitting there. Okay so how do you currently go on to find space on”

Preston Alder: “So if someone where to go to and find storage our average price would be 50% lower than that of traditional self storage. So rather than going and paying $100+ for a 10 x 10 unit you can rent from Neighbor and pay around $45 – $50 on average.”

Nicea DeGering: “Am I looking for space in my neighborhood? Or where is it going to be?”

Preston Alder: “Great question! So on our website Neighbor spelt with a Y. You’ll get on our map and search for space within your own neighborhood. You can filter by space, size, and location.”

Nicea DeGering: “I know you have tips for those who want to be renters. What would those be?”

Colton Gardner: “I think that for renters it is how you look for extra storage space that appeals to you most.

Nicea DeGering: “I’m watching your video here and it looks like someones extra garage or extra third car garage and you just put your stuff right in there! So how do you become a host if you have space?”

Joseph Woodbury: “We have a small application that hosts fill out where you put the size of your space and where you can label the features available. Like smoke detectors, climate controlled, security cameras, and the more features you have the more money you can make. Because people are looking for this premium space. We have guys get on that are looking for storage for their ’69 Camero and if you have a nice garage that suits their needs then you could have a ’69 Camero in your garage.”

Nicea DeGering: “So people could want to store their boat or RV. It just depends on what storage space is available? Can you set the time you want to store with your host?”

Preston Alder: “You can set your timeframe to be whatever your need are and whatever suits both the host and renter. What is crazy is that ten years ago the idea of a sharing economy would have been crazy and unheard of and Airbnb has opened up a whole new market for peer – to – peer sharing by allowing people to sleep in each others houses.”

Nicea DeGering: “I agree, It just seem smart! This seems the way that storage space is supposed to go. What has the response been to you guys building out Neighbor?”

Colton Gardner: “It’s been great! We have people all down the Wasatch Front from Logan to St. George sign up their space and the renters are hungry for more affordable storage. It has been an amazing experience and Hosts are really starting to see the benefit of it as well. Hosts can receive as much as $2000+ dollars a year in residual income.”

Nicea DeGering: “Are you kidding me? That’s great! You sets the price you guys?”

Colton Gardner: “The hosts do and they receive exactly what they sign up for rent it out for so they don’t have any fees from us.”

Nicea DeGering: “So the host sets the price. So for more information all you need to do is go to They are also on Facebook or Instagram. It really is Storage Redefined! If you want to make extra money or save money storing then Neighbor has your covered. Great idea guys! Why didn’t I think of that? Brilliant you guys! Thank you!”


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Author: Neighbor

Neighbor is The Airbnb of Storage. Connecting hosts with unused space to renters in need of storage. Earn extra cash by renting out your empty space today! Neighbor provides an online, peer-to-peer self storage community that allows homeowners to make passive income and gives renters storage at 50% the cost of traditional self storage.

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