Woman adding a box to a 5x5 storage unit

5×5 Storage Unit: The Ultimate Guide to a 5×5 Storage Unit

We all would love to live a simpler life, but more often than not, it remains a distant, untenable dream. Why? One word: chaos. (But that chaos is something a 5×5 storage unit can help with.)

Chaos comes in many, many forms. It could be something as minor as a hectic work schedule or something as huge as deciding to remodel your home. But one of the most common forms of chaos is quite simply too much stuff and not enough space.

So, how do you get some breathing space from all the chaos that lack of enough storage space brings? Do you simply toss all that “clutter” out the window or perhaps donate it all away? While those are all solid ideas, one idea stands head and shoulders above the rest: seek a 5×5 storage unit.

A 5×5 storage unit offers a great chance to declutter and bring some good, orderly direction to your home. It’s small enough to look and feel like an extra closet added straight to your bedroom. But it’s still big enough to accommodate a good number of belongings.

At this point, you probably have plenty of questions—and understandably so. How big is a 5×5 storage unit? What does a 5×5 storage unit look like? Is it big enough to fit my car? What about the landscaping tools in my already-cluttered garage?

First of all, do us a favor: take four deep breaths and try to relax. Whether you want insights on how big the 5×5 storage unit is or you simply want to know what can fit in there, we’ve got you covered.  In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about the 5×5 storage unit.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

How Big Is a 5×5 Storage Unit?

First, let’s look at the exact dimensions. Comparable to a medium-sized walk-in closet, a 5×5 storage unit is five feet wide and five feet long, totaling 25 square feet.

If you’re the kind to read dimensions in cubic feet, here you go: a 5×5 storage unit provides 25 square feet and 200 cubic feet of storage space. In terms of ceiling height, most 5×5 storage units have 8-foot ceilings (although this largely depends on the location).

The 5×5 storage unit is small, but that doesn’t mean it’s strapped for space. No, not at all. Ask anyone who’s stored their belongings in one of these units, and they’ll tell you that they’re big enough to store a good number of items.

What Does a 5×5 Storage Unit Look Like?

Picture a half-bathroom, or better yet, a standard walk-in closet. That’s exactly what a 5×5 storage unit looks like—but without the fancy drawers and elaborate shelves.

Like any other storage unit, typical 5×5 storage units are window-less, walled with corrugated metal, and completely lockable from the outside. To access an individual unit, you’d need to open a roll-up metal door.

What Can Fit in a 5×5 Storage Unit?

Technically, a 5×5 storage unit can fit any item that doesn’t take up a lot of space. These would be things like:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Books/Documents
  • Electronics (TVs, video game consoles, tablets, and the like)
  • Small to midsize boxes or storage containers
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Sporting gear/equipment
  • Gardening tools
  • Glassware and mirrors
  • Pool accessories
  • Small household furniture
  • Twin or full size mattress
  • Desk
  • Dining room chairs and stools
  • Dresser
  • Baby accessories
  • Carpets, lamps, end tables, and other small décor items

This is in no way an exhaustive list. A handful more hopeful items can fit inside this storage unit—it all boils down to their individual sizes. Look at it this way: if a particular item isn’t taller than 8 feet and can’t occupy more than 200 cubic feet of storage space, then it can probably fit in a 5×5 storage unit. It’s that simple.

What Are the Common Uses for a 5×5 Storage Unit?

Holiday decorations in plastic tubs for long-term storage in a 5x5 storage unit

When it comes to utilizing a 5×5 storage unit, the options are virtually endless. Here are five of the most common uses for the 5×5 storage unit:

1. Decluttering a home or apartment

Clutter is insidious—it creeps in over time. Before you know it, you don’t have enough space to store everything, and it’s difficult to find anything. Decluttering may be hard work, but it’s liberating and can even be therapeutic (at least if you follow Marie Kondo’s advice).

The trouble most people have with the task of decluttering is that they don’t want to get rid of belongings that might prove valuable one day. The idea of giving away, selling, or throwing things out can be too difficult to face.

Enter the 5×5 storage unit.

A 5×5 storage unit can help you to declutter without the pain of parting with possessions you like and may need to use again one day.

For example:

  • If your wardrobe is overflowing, you could use a 5×5 storage unit to store out-of-season clothing until you next need it.
  • Sports equipment is only needed occasionally. Storing them in a 5×5 storage unit gives you the liberty to access them at your convenience.
  • If your bookshelves are overflowing but the idea of getting rid of your favorites is unbearable, consider storing some in a 5×5 storage unit.
  • If you’d like to reclaim your spare room and turn it into a more useful space, a 5×5 storage unit could be your best bet.

As Julia Cameron once said, “When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for inspiration and ‘good, orderly direction’ to enter.” That’s what we all crave, right?

2. Storing between semesters

College students are often left with a dilemma of what to do with their stuff between semesters. It defeats common sense to cart a dorm full of belongings back to their childhood bedroom.

The most sensible answer to this dilemma is a 5×5 storage unit. It’s neither too large nor too small—just spacious enough to store a college student’s most prized possessions.

Sometimes, storage facilities will offer deals on the first month of rent, especially during summer, so you could actually end up saving money. But if you wait too long, then all the 5×5 storage units may be occupied. You may be forced into a larger unit than you need.

3. Keeping a small business organized

Small business organizations often have the need to store inventory, samples, business archives, and important documents relating to their work. But with office and warehousing spaces taking a serious bite out of their annual budgets, renting larger storage units may not be the best or the most economical option.

A 5×5 storage unit can provide climate and environment-controlled “mini-houses” at a significantly lower cost than other bigger units (think: 5×10, 5×15, 10×10, 10×20, and 10×25 storage units). Access to inventory and archives is typically available whenever you want it, and the security offered by a reputable storage facility gives you the assurance that your business items will be physically safe at all times.

4. Offers the perfect way to store seasonal items

This one pretty much goes without saying. If you love to decorate for the holidays, you know that seasonal items can pile up pretty quickly. Easter baskets, Halloween decorations, Christmas ornaments, and the like can all end up taking up a lot of space in your home. But let’s face it—you only really need them once a year.

If you rent a 5×5 storage unit, you can have access to your seasonal items whenever you need them without cluttering up your home. This can also be a way of dealing with other equipment that you don’t need all year long. If your garage is full and organized, why not put your lawnmower and other yard equipment in a 5×5 storage unit during the winter months? On that same note, the snowblower and snow shovels aren’t doing you much good in the summer. Keeping them in a 5×5 storage unit frees up some much-needed space in and around your home.

5. A place for family heirlooms

As the years go by, you may collect some important mementos or keepsakes from family members, acquaintances, or friends. While you may not really use them every day, you can’t entertain the idea of getting rid of precious objects like that hardwood table that’s been passed down through generations or those beautiful ornaments your grandfather made himself.

The problem is that these things, although incredibly precious, are taking up so much space in your home that you lack room for the stuff you actually use. That’s when renting a small storage unit like a 5×5 unit can be a good idea. You may not need some of these items right now, but a 5×5 storage unit can be a safe and affordable place to keep them until you do.

How to Choose a 5×5 Storage Unit: A Step-by-Step Mini-Guide

You know how big a 5×5 storage unit is. You know what it looks like, and you even know the kind of items it can accommodate. It’s now time to look at the selection process. How do you actually pick the best 5×5 storage unit for your specific needs? This section lays out the nitty-gritty.

1. Figure out how much space you need

Before you start comparing different 5×5 storage units and their respective companies, you should first determine your storage needs. Start by making an elaborate list of all the items you need tucked away. Then put these items in one corner of your house to estimate the space you need. A quick glance across should tell you whether or not a 5×5 storage unit would be an ideal fit. If you’re unsure, use a tape measure to determine the actual area that your items occupy (assuming that you’ve arranged them in the most economical way possible).

As you go about this process, keep in mind that a 5×5 storage unit is roughly the size of a home closet. If your things can’t fit in a home closet, they won’t fit in a 5×5 storage unit. In the same vein, remember that this particular storage unit is generally no taller than eight feet. Any item that exceeds this dimension simply won’t go in.

2. Do your due diligence—shop around

Armed with the knowledge of the things you’d want to keep in a 5×5 storage unit, set out to find an ideal storage unit near you. Scour the internet, ask around, or better yet, read client testimonials. Online reviews are a great way to get an understanding of the quality of the individual 5×5 storage units offered, as well as the professionalism and responsiveness of the staff at the facility. Once you’ve found three to five good storage facilities, call them to learn more about their services.

3. Perform some extensive comparison

There are many factors you should take into account before choosing the storage facility that’s right for you:

  • Temperature control (arguably the most important of the lot)
  • Self-service vs. full-service
  • Number of locks (the more, the better)
  • Storage location
  • Safety and security of the facility (in-person surveillance, video monitoring, etc.)
  • Convenience (drive-up access, etc.)
  • Contract terms (short-term rental, long-term rental, etc.)
  • Pricing options (check for online discounts and other specials!)
  • Lighting
  • Accessibility (Is the facility open 24/7? Is it possible to access your 5×5 storage unit on Sundays? How about during the holidays?)

4. Check out your options for temperature-controlled units

Temperature-controlled 5×5 storage units are often a far better choice than their non-temperature-controlled counterparts. The latter can get extremely hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, causing damage to items like:

  • Musical instruments
  • Novels and comic books
  • Clothing
  • Wine
  • Electronics
  • Music collections (tapes, vinyl, etc.)
  • Artwork
  • Important personal or business documents

In other words, if a storage facility doesn’t offer temperature-controlled units, it might not be ideal for your prized items. Cross it off your list and look elsewhere.

5. Understand costs, billing, and more

Before renting a 5×5 storage unit, or any other unit for that matter, it’s a good idea to take the time to understand what exactly you’re paying for. Make sure you understand how a single unit costs per month, when payments are due, and whether or not you can pre-pay. If you feel the costs are a little bit beyond your reach or the billing strategy is rather inflexible, move on to another facility.

How to Pack and Organize a 5×5 Storage Unit

Being the smallest standard unit out there, the 5×5 storage unit is understandably one of the hardest to pack and organize. But that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible feat. With the right tips and a positive mindset, you can make packing a 5×5 storage unit a seamless and enjoyable task.

Different types of items need to be packed differently when put into a 5×5 storage unit to lessen the likelihood of damage or decay. Keep these packing tips in mind as you rent your next unit.

1. How to store furniture

While a 5×5 unit can’t accommodate a lot of furniture, it can still hold one or two pieces, such as a table and two chairs. If you’re planning to store a table, first remove the legs and then store the table tops vertically. As for any other piece of furniture, cover it with quilts, towels, or old sheets to keep out dirt, moisture, and dust. That said, don’t store your furniture in an unclean space. Give the unit a thorough cleaning before moving anything in.

2. How to store clothes

Like we pointed out earlier, 5×5 storage units provide the perfect space to keep away seasonal clothing. So how do you go about storing clothes in this rather compact space? First, fold or roll your clothes and loosely place them in sealed boxes or containers. Then, if possible, add oxygen absorbers or silica packets to prevent mold growth. Lastly, consider storing the more fancy or elegant apparel in garment bags to prevent dust accumulation.

3. How to store delicate items

Due to the size of a 5×5 storage unit, you may not have all the space you want to keep delicate items. So you’ll have to bring your organizational skills to the fore here. For starters, wrap individual dishes, mirrors, glassware, and antique items in bubble wrap or old newspaper. Carefully arrange the items in a sturdy box, something like a plastic container. Once that’s done, store the boxes on heavier items to ensure they’re not crushed from above.

4. How to store seasonal decorations

The trick here is to remove any loose parts before placing the decoration inside a 5×5 unit. It’s safer and easier to store your Christmas wreath, or fall displays in pieces versus as an entire unit. Again, it’s best to store these items in plain sight. This way, you can easily access the items when the season calls for decorations.

5. How to store books

Books aren’t that much of a headache, but it’s still important to store them meticulously. Start by packing your books and novels in acid-free archival paper to prevent warping, staining, and damage by mildew. Because collections of books can be heavy and cumbersome to move, consider packing books in several small boxes rather than one or two bigger ones.

6. How to store gardening tools

Most gardening tools are obviously prone to rust. So, before storing your landscaping tools in a 5×5 storage unit, clean them thoroughly and make sure they’re coated with motor oil or boiled linseed oil. As for the actual packing, move your tools to the back of the unit and label them for quick recognition. Tools of this nature are sturdily made and might even have sharp edges, so keeping them away from the entrance prevents cuts, bruises, and knocks.

7. How to store sports gear

Sports equipment storage can be difficult, especially when you’re dealing with a limited amount of space. This is your chance to be creative. Take one (or two) sides of your 5×5 storage unit and put up a corkboard. When you use a corkboard, you can easily hang items of various sizes so that your gear becomes easily visible and accessible. For larger items, consider hanging hooks.

8. How to store a full size mattress

If you’re wondering whether a full size mattress can fit inside a 5×5 storage unit, the answer is yes. However, you’d need to insert it vertically and diagonally into the unit (which may not be ideal). Ask for a hand when placing your mattress to keep the unit’s door and roof from scratching, puncturing, or tearing it.

Top tip for how to pack a 5×5 storage unit:

With the rather limited space that a 5×5 unit provides, it’s likely that you’ll put most of your items in boxes. To maximize every inch of space in there, consider stacking boxes on top of one another. But be careful: putting heavy boxes on top of lighter ones could crush your most prized possessions. Do the reverse, and you’ll be good to go.

What Is the Average Price of a 5×5 Storage Unit?

The majority of 5×5 storage units are rented on a month-to-month basis, and the prices depend on a range of factors, including:

  • Location: This is pretty much self-explanatory. 5×5 storage units that are located downtown will cost more than the ones located in the suburban areas.
  • Type of storage: Indoor units typically cost more per month compared to outdoor units.
  • Duration of rental agreement: Usually, the longer you rent a specific 5×5 storage unit, the cheaper the monthly cost.
  • Availability: If 5×5 storage units in your area are a hard find, be sure that you’ll pay a pretty penny for those that are available. The reverse also applies.
  • Value-added services: Services like 24/7 access, insurance, and temperature control will certainly drive up the cost.

That said, you can save money by reserving your 5×5 storage unit well in advance. Some storage facilities also provide move-in specials for the first month’s rent, so you’ll want to consider such perks as you look for the ideal storage facility near you.

5×5 Storage Unit FAQs: What’s True and What’s Not?

People packing belongings into their car to store them in a 5x5 storage unit

In this section, Neighbor will answer some of the most frequently answered questions about 5×5 storage units.

1. Can a car fit inside a 5×5 storage?

Unfortunately, no, a car can’t fit inside a 5×5 storage unit. The same goes for motorcycles, trucks, boats, and RVs. Two hundred cubic feet is simply not enough for these large machines. For that, you’ll have to opt for bigger storage units, such as a 10×10, a 10×25, or even a 10×30 unit.

2. What size moving truck is needed for a 5×5 storage unit?

A typical pickup truck or moving van will do the trick here. You can also use a 5×8 or 4x8cargo trailer.

3. Can a couch fit inside a 5×5 storage unit?

Yes! It’s possible to fit a couch inside a 5×5 storage unit, but it will need to be stored on its side.

4. What differentiates an indoor 5×5 storage unit from an outdoor one?

In reality, the main difference between outdoor and indoor options is where the door is located. With indoor 5×5 storage units, you first enter a building and walk down the hall to your unit. With the outdoor version, the building contains multiple 5×5 units, but you can open and access yours from the outside. Outdoor units are particularly viable for those looking for spacious loading areas.

5. How do I find a cheap 5×5 storage unit near me?

Great question. You’d be surprised by the sheer number of 5×5 storage units available near you, all at very competitive prices. All you have to do is hit the internet and explore storage options near or around your vicinity. Then settle for one that’s within your price range.

Ready to Rent a 5×5 Storage Unit?

And that’s it! This guide’s job is done. We hope this information will prove helpful in your quest to find the perfect 5×5 storage unit for your needs. However, if you want an easy solution, we can help. Neighbor Storage offers safer, closer, and more convenient 5×5 storage units—right in your neighborhood. Visit our website to learn more about our services, or check out our blog to learn more about the 10×10 storage unit, the 10×25 one, and many other storage options.

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