10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale in Utah
10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale in Utah

10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Utah

The 10 most expensive homes for sale in Utah are some of the most extravagant and breathtaking Utah homes are nestled deep within a forest, set high on a mountainside, or rest alone amidst miles of open and wild land. Now, why would such masterpieces choose to exist so far from the praising of passerby? The answer is simple: peace and quiet.

Utah carries with it an unearthly beauty. From snowy mountain peak to green riverbank to the staggering heights of red cliffs and arches, there is a place for every person. In these magnificent homes set apart from a busy world, residents find refuge. And they do so in style.

Luckily for us, these elusive houses change ownership from time to time, which will allow us a few quick peeks inside AND the thrilling opportunity to imagine each of ourselves the new owner. Below you will find the top ten most expensive houses listed in Utah within the last couple months. Prepare yourselves. Oh, and try not to drool.

Note: For many more enchanting homes to admire, go to this list or any free Utah MLS site.

1. Bear Mountain Ranch, Mt. Pleasant, Utah  – $30,000,000

Bear Mountain Ranch, Mt. Pleasant, Utah

  • Beds: 6
  • Baths: 7
  • Square Feet: 8,424
  • Acres: 7,973.24
  • Year Built: 2007

This property is no mere house. It easily made the top 10 most expensive homes in Utah! It is an adventure site with endless opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, ATVing, hunting, and more. Bear Mountain Ranch is surrounded by hills, peaks, and pines. There are roads leading every which way, perfect for getting lost on your own land! You can smell the fresh farm air. The house itself is large enough to bring many friends and family over to share your adventures. This is the house you buy if you want to have something exciting to do every single day of the week!

2. Riverbend Ranch, Oakley, Utah – $30,000,000

Riverbend Ranch, Oakley, Utah

  • Beds: 8
  • Baths: 9
  • Square Feet: 16,800
  • Acres: 1,918
  • Year Built: 2009

This home represents the best of Utah real estate. Located on the banks of the Weber River, it is endlessly refreshing with its light, cool breeze and the gentle sound of fresh, flowing water. This is definitely a home for relaxation. This property is called the Riverbend Ranch. Inside its doors, the interior is essentially handmade, using the finest walnut and hickory woods.

3. 8272 E Left Hand Fork Hobble Creek, Springville, Utah – $25,000,000

8272 E Left Hand Fork Hobble Creek, Springville, Utah

  • Beds: 6
  • Baths: 12
  • Square Feet: 49,568
  • Acres: 165.31
  • Year Built: 2010

This house is more accurately described as an elegant palace. In case the magnificent crystal chandelier doesn’t say enough, allow me to list the amenities: indoor swimming pool (waterfall, slides, and lazy river included), sauna, bowling alley, indoor basketball court, movie theater, elevator, heated drive, and the list goes on and on. The point is: if you buy this house, do not plan on ever needing to leave. It has everything.

4. 5000 Royal Street, Park City, Utah – $22,000,000

5000 Royal Street, Park City, Utah

  • Beds: 12
  • Baths: 16
  • Square Feet: 22,000
  • Acres: 63.83
  • Year Built: 1989

For all those who have been waiting since early childhood to throw a HUGE sleepover partyone in which no one has to lose rock-paper-scissors and sleep on the hard floorthe time has finally arrived. Feel free to invite your friends, your friends’ friends, and throw in their cousins too, because at this house, everyone gets to sleep in a bed! All 26 of your guests, that is. Worried about parking? Don’t be! This lovely home comes with a 22 car garage. Situated minutes away from an award-winning ski lodge and a very slippery slope (the good kind), this has been the getaway location for many a renowned individual. Let’s hope we’re next!

5. 1943 North Wolf Creek Ranch Road, Woodland, Utah – $19,900,000

1943 North Wolf Creek Ranch Road, Woodland, Utah

  • Beds: 8
  • Baths: 11
  • Square Feet: 17,861
  • Acres: 32
  • Year Built: 2006

This house sits adjacent to a gorgeous (and well-stocked) pond, absolutely perfect for a quiet day of fishing in the sunshine. This property also beats all when it comes to making s’mores, as it has a gigantic fireplace that could probably handle 1,000 or so marshmallows at a time. Bordering the Uinta National Forest can only mean that the home treats its inhabitants to spectacular views while also providing unforgettable hiking trails and even more fishing! Oh, and the home itself was designed by renowned Fred Babock, so that is probably all that needs to be said about the architecture.

6. 1886 South Geneva Road, Orem, Utah – $19,500,000

1886 South Geneva Road, Orem, Utah

  • Beds: 9
  • Baths: 20
  • Square Feet: 21,998
  • Acres: 18.77
  • Year Built: 2003

Returning to the original purpose of peace and quiet, this magnificent castle rests cozily in its seclusion from the outside world. It is bordered by sequoia trees and a large pond, all of which enhance its dreamlike qualities. Fondly called The Barn, this home is straight out of a fairytale. Although the people inside might feel like they have entered an enchanting new world, the house is actually in an extremely convenient location. It is just minutes away from nearby Brigham Young and Utah Valley Universities, less than an hour away from two airports, and just a quick drive away from multiple ski resorts.

7. 69 White Pine Canyon Road, Park City, Utah – $18,950,000

69 White Pine Canyon Road, Park City, Utah

  • Beds: 14
  • Baths: 22
  • Square Feet: 33,000
  • Acres: 5.53
  • Year Built: 2006

This house is the top pick for eager individuals who want to hit the slopes quickly and conveniently. This place has direct access to FOUR lifts in Park City. The home itself is exquisite, with plenty of rooms for family and guests, and huge windows that four seven-foot men standing on each other’s shoulders could still not reach the top of (they’re 30 ft tall). We can only imagine the view outside those skyscraper tall windows.

8. 9806 North Summit View Drive, Deer Valley, Utah – $17,900,000

9806 North Summit View Drive, Deer Valley, Utah

  • Beds: 6
  • Baths: 10
  • Square Feet: 13,536
  • Acres: 0.64
  • Year Built: 2008

In the middle of winter, this home resembles a warm, inviting and icicled gingerbread house albeit of the gourmet variety. With a truly remarkable design, this home also deserves a jaw-dropping list of its amenities: direct ski access, heated outdoor pool (waterfall included), elevator, sauna, golf simulator, steam room, theater, and heated decks (many of them). This is certainly the place to make yourself at home after a long day on the mountain.

9. 1401 West Two Creeks Circle, Park City, Utah – $14,900,000

1401 West Two Creeks Circle, Park City, Utah

  • Beds: 6
  • Baths: 10
  • Square Feet: 8,503
  • Acres: 7.34
  • Year Built: 2008

A great deal of thought was put into this masterpiece of a property. The home itself is modern and luxurious with window walls and endless amenities. Outside, you can see all the ski resorts and you have access to breathtaking trails that will wind you through trees and along mountainsides. You can hear the trickle of water from the waterfall, and enjoy pools and ponds all around you. It is so beautiful, you would have no trouble filling up the gorgeous guesthouse!

10. 7 Roamer Court, Park City, Utah – $13,500,000

7 Roamer Court, Park City, Utah

  • Beds: 7
  • Baths: 10
  • Square Feet: 14,100
  • Acres: 1.57
  • Year Built: 1992

Whether you actually are from Hollywood or have always been a star to your closest friends and family members, this house is for you. Or at least for you to look at (we can’t all be stars). The famous Naomi Leff did the interior decorating for this home, along with many homes of Hollywood stars. To keep out any unwanted fans or hooligans, this home is extremely secure and private, yet with easy access to town and ski resorts.

And there we have it, a blissful walk down Dream Home Lane. In all seriousness, these houses are true works of art. It is evident that many people spent huge amounts of time, thought and energy creating these properties, and it certainly shows. As far as Utah real estate is concerned, these houses are truly epic. They are, however, on the higher end as far as pricing goes, but they definitely seem worth it. Plus, the massive size of these homes allows owners all kinds of opportunities to make money on the side.

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